Wipro Next Smart Bulb Review

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)
Wipro Next Smart Bulb Review

You have heard about smart TVs, smart washing machines, and even smart ceiling fans.

But, do you know presently, you can also find a smart bulb in the electronics market? 

Shocked, aren’t we? 

Well, to be honest, even we were left speechless after we learned that Wipro had introduced their latest technology- a Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb.

Many have expressed their concerns regarding the utility and performance of the smart LED, which is why today, we will explain the major details relevant to this product. 

In the following discussion, we have presented a Wipro Next Smart Bulb Review that will speak about the bulb features, installation and connectivity process, and the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

So, rather than wasting time, let’s skip the assumptions and theories and jump straight to what exactly this smart LED bulb is. 

Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb Review

Wipro Next is the best smart bulb in India, which has always amazed the consumer market with top-level services and products. Be it the CFL lamps or the electric panels, the brand has greatly impacted the users.

Not only do they focus on eco-friendly products, but they also try to incorporate the latest technologies. One such amazing invasion is the Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb

Wattage Choices

Just like every electrical appliance, the smart LED bulbs from Wipro have different power ratings. You will have four major wattage options for the smart home light, namely 12.5 watts, 12 watts, 9 watts, and 7 watts. 

For understanding which electric power rating will be an ideal choice, you need to consider certain aspects. These are: 

  1. The total room area where the bulb will be placed is essential since larger rooms will need a higher power rating.
  2. The lumen intensity of the bulbs depends on the power rating. If you want to have a bright light, a 12 or 12.5 wattage rating will be perfect. But, for ambient light, you can go with the 9-watt bulb. 
  3. Another essential factor to consider is the position of the bulb fixture. If the fixture is located high up in the wall or on the opposite side of the room, a greater power rating is needed for the smart bulb. 


If we talk about the features, Wipro has gone to extra lengths to ensure their Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb can become the next-gen lighting technology. So, let’s find out what features are there that make a product so unique and compelling.

  1. No special application is needed.
    No matter what type of LED smart bulb you buy from Wipro, you won’t need any special application or gateway to operate the appliance.
    All you need is the Wi-Fi router to establish a connection between the bulb and your mobile device.
  2. 16 million RGB chrome options available
    Unlike other LEDs you will find in the market, the Wipro next smart LED bulb will offer you 16 million different chrome options belonging to the RGB spectrum.
    Hence, you will be able to change the color of the glow at your convenience. Be it a bright golden color for illuminating a dark room to the vibrant blues for a relaxed ambiance, and you will be able to switch between different color shades.
  3. Changeable brightness
    Once you have connected the bulb with your phone, you can control the intensity of light. As a result, you can regulate the brightness as per your need.
    For example, to establish a calm and peaceful ambiance with diffused lighting, you can dim the bulb’s bright glow. Similarly, if you want to complete your office tasks, you can increase the brightness to the highest level.
  4. Different shades of white glow available
    Apart from varied RGB shades, you will also have the opportunity to change the shades of white glow. From warm white with a yellowish tinge to the cool white glow having a bluish tinge, you can tune the bulb’s glow per your mood.
  5. The operation can be timed.
    Thanks to Wipro’s innovative minds, their smart LED bulb comes with a timer option. So, you can easily control the operation by setting time limits.
    For example, you can automate the bulb in a way where it will turn on after sundown.
  6. Grouped control of the LED bulbs
    Suppose you have installed these LED bulbs in various parts of your house. In that case, you can independently control them from any remote location.
    All you need to do is group the lights differently. On switching off one group, you will turn off all the bulbs synchronized with the concerned group. 

Life span

After several testing procedures, it has been revealed that the total lifespan of the Wipro Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb is approximately 50,000 hours

Step By Step To Connect With Smartphone And Wipro Next Smart Bulb

  1. First, you need to download the Wipro Next Smart Home application on your mobile device and register yourself.
    For registration, you need to select the country code and give your mobile number as the input. An OTP will be sent to the number after which the password needs to be set.
    Once completed, you can log into the app. 
  2. Use a B22 bulb holder for installing the Smart LED bulb and switch it on. 
  3. For connecting the bulb with the Wipro Next Smart Home software, click on the ‘+’ sign at the top right. And from there, select the option- “Lighting Devices.”
  4. Your bulb will flash once.
    Click on Next Step, where a connection will be established. A confirmation of “Added Successfully” will be displayed on the screen. 

Benefits Of Wipro Next Smart Bulb

  • The bulb can be controlled by speech or voice
  • The Wi-Fi-enabled operation will allow you to switch on and off from any remote location. 
  • You can independently operate the bulbs despite all being in the same room. 
  • You don’t need to install a separate red LED, or blue LED as the Wipro next smart bulb comes with 16 million RGB combinations.

Negatives of Wipro Next Smart Bulb

  • Life expectancy could have been more than 50000 hours. 
  • No manual control of brightness is allowed. 


With the LED smart bulb, Wipro has changed the lighting market. It has some of the most impeccable and next-gen features that will add a never-ending charisma to your home. Moreover, since you have different options for wattage rating, you will choose as per your requirement. 


  1. Wipro Next Smart Bulb will it work without Wi-Fi?

    No, you will need the Wi-Fi connection to operate the LED smart bulb from Wipro. 

  2. Does Wipro Next Smart Bulb work with Bluetooth?

    There is no feature to establish connectivity with Bluetooth, and hence the Wipro next smart bulb doesn’t work with Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

  3. Does it work with echo dot 3rd gen?

    Yes, the smart LED Wipro bulb works with Amazon Alexa Echo 3rd Gen easily. 

  4. Does it work with mobile hotspots?

    Yes, it can be connected using mobile hotspots. When you are switching on the hotspot, you share your internet connection, whose signals will be picked up by the bulb’s sensors. 

  5. Can this bulb be controlled with 2 different mobiles?

    No, you cannot control the bulb using two different mobiles. 

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