Washing Machine Buying Guide – Makes You Bright by Choosing Right One

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2021)
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Washing Machine Buying Guide – Choosing Right One

Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine

There are various factors that you should consider if you are thinking of buying a washing machine. The washing machine comes with a lot of features like wash programs, Child lock, display, temperature, and many more.

Consider the capacity of the washing machine

You have to choose the capacity washing machine depending upon your usage and number of people in your family.

Depending upon a load of washing machine

Again you have to choose the washing machine, depending on whether you want a top or a front pack. The reason behind it is that if the family is a big one, then one requires a high and top load washing machine. But if the family is nuclear, the low load washing machine would be excellent for their daily usage.

Whether you want dryer in your washing machine or not

A lot of people want a washing machine along with a dryer because of this they can save their time and many more. The dryer will be helping to dry the clothes. If you use the regular washing machine, you have to hang the clothes outside the home for drying. The installed dryer will dry up the clothes in the device, which automatically saves a lot of time.

Depending upon the material of the washing machine drum

The washing machine’s drum comes in a lot of elements like Steel, enamel plastic, and a lot more. So, the consumer needs to look for the right type of material you want for the drum of the washing machine.

There is no need for a high load capacity washing machine if you are living alone or in a small family. Similarly, if you live in a more prominent family, then taking a low load washing machine is of no use.

Depending upon the wash setting of the washing machine

Various People prefer a fully automatic washing machine. It is because they can easily manage their washing preference with fully automated washing. For instance, when they want a delicate wash, they want a rough roll, depending upon their time.

So, these are the points that you should not miss while buying the washing machine.

How does the Washing Machine Work?

How Does Washing Machine works, Washing Machine Buying Guide India
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We have a washing machine in our house, which plays a vital role in saving time and energy for all of us. All of us will face a lot of difficulties, if the Washing machine is not there for us, as during that time you have to clean all your clothes by your hands. It will create a very hectic situation, and managing all the work would be quite uneasy. So here we will discuss how the washing machine works.

If you consider washing machine then these parts are there which are mainly common in all the washing machines, these are-

Inner drum- This is an essential part of the washing machine. It is the central part where it washes your clothes. This drum has small holes, and it also rotates for the proper cleaning of your clothes.
Agitator- The agitator is also an essential part of the washing machine. Agitators turn the clothes so that proper cleaning takes place for your clothes.
Paddles- Paddles are also an essential part of the washing machine for cleaning the clothes. One uses these Paddles for moving gears during the time of washing.
Thermostat- Thermostat helps to control the temperature of the water during the time of washing in the washing machine. According to your selected preferences, the temperature of the water
Outer Drum- Outer drum is the part of the washing machine that properly holds the water so that proper washing takes place. This outer drum doesn’t allow the water to flow outside the washing machine.
Pump- When the washing of your clothes happens inside the washing machine, you want to remove the water that is present inside the drum. This pump removes the water from the outer drum after the washing of the clothes is done.
Pipes and Valves- Pipes and valves allowed the water to go inside and outside of the drum properly.

In a fully automatic washing machine, a programmer is there through which you can easily decide which kind of washing you want, as you can select your preference depending upon the type of fabric. At this temperature, you want to clean the clothes and a lot more.

Now for cleaning the clothes, the first thing you should do is set up a program for the type of cleaning you want. After this, the water starts flowing inside the drum. When the water is proper inside the drum, then the detergents can be added in the automatic process in the washing machine, or you have to add soaps if it is not fully automated.

After this, if the device is fully electronic, select the water temperature according to your choice. Then the motor starts, and the washing of your clothes also begins. 55 RPM is the best speed for using the drum, where we wash clothes very correctly. After this, removing the dirty water from the drum is necessary, so the pump turns, and then extracts water.

Then the rinse cycle takes place, the valve opens, and the process starts. The drum is revolving, and the water fills to rinse the clothes, and the dirty water is out. After this, the spinning cycle takes place. In this process, the drum revolves at a very high speed, and at the same time, the water from the clothes removed using a pump. Then the washing is completed, and after some time the doors will be opened, and you can take out your clothes. 

Type of Washing Machine

Washer only

The washer only type of washing machine only washes your clothes, it doesn’t dry the clothes. This type of washing machine comes in a very compact size. Due to this small size, you can easily keep this washer only type washing machine at any place, maybe on the side of your hall or in the bathroom or kitchen itself.

Dryer only

The dryer only type of washing machine only allows you to dry the clothes. This dryer only washing machine protects your clothes from fading. This dryer was the only washing machine that was better even from the front load washing machines in terms of the capacity of drying.

Washer Dryer

The washer-dryer type of washing machine washes your clothes and dries it very correctly. No, any pollution exposure is there in the washer-dryer type washing machine. This type of washing machine also protects your clothes from being faded. This washer-dryer type washing machine has a fantastic feature that it even smoothes the creases, due to which even if you are not ironing, then also your clothes will be beautiful.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

This semi-automatic washing machine provides the benefit in-between hand wash and fully automatic washing. Two types of washing machines have launched; one is fully automated, and the second one is semi-automatic.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

In the fully automatic washing machine, the clothes will get washed and dried up in the device itself. It designed in such a way; you just need to put clothes, detergent, and send the machine for work. Else, it will work itself for everything. In the case of the semi-automatic machine, the machine will wash your clothes; but you have to hang the clothes outside for drying actually. The semi-automatic washing are of two types-

Two tube Semi-automatic washing machines and one tube semi-automatic washing machine are there. Using the semi-automatic washing machine, you will save a lot of water compared to the fully automatic washing machine.

Fully automatic washing machine- In this fully automatic washing machine, you have to do nothing after setting up the program. Two types of fully automatic washing machines come depending upon the load; these are the front load fully automatic washing machine and top load fully automatic washing machine.


The front-load washing machine is the type of fully automatic washing machine. As compared to the top load, fully automatic type washing machine, it consumes less energy and water.

Top load

The high load type washing machine comes in both a semi-automatic washing machine and a fully automatic washing machine. In this top load type washing machine, You have to put the clothes from the top of the device. Those who do not want to bend and set the gears inside can use the top load washing machine.

Family size

Depending upon the family size and the number of people you are living, you should choose the washing machine’s capacity. If you are four members of a family, So choosing the washing machine with a size of 2 people is foolish, at the same time if you are two people in a family and adopting a washing machine of 4 people capacity will be too much. According to the size of the family, you should choose which type of washing machine you want.

The Single Couple

If a living single or couple, then you should choose the washing machine of 5 kg capacity. It will be best for you. In this washing machine with this capacity, you can easily wash 4 to 6 outfits very quickly.

Family of 3

If you are in a family of 3 people, you can easily choose a Washing machine with an average 7 kg capacity, as will be best for a family with three members.

Family of four

If you are living in a family of 4 people, you should choose a washing machine with an average capacity of around 8 kg. With this capacity washing machine, you will be easily able to wash around eight outfits.

Large Families

If you are living in a family of more than four-person, then the washing machine of 9 kg capacity and more than 9 kg capacity will be best for use. In a washing machine with a capacity of 9 kg, you will be able to wash more than nine outfits.

Wash Load or Capacity

The washing machine exists in a variety of capacity or washes loads.

6 KG Capacity

The washing machine with 6 kg capacity is called a low capacitor washing machine. We use a washing machine for a single person or a family with a two-person 6 kg capacity washing machine you can easily clean around 25 t-shirts at one time.

8 kg Capacity

The washing machine with 8 kg is for a family with 3 to 4 family members. In an 8 kg capacity washing machine, you can wash around 40 T-shirts at one time.

10 kg Capacity

The washing machine with 10 kg is for a family with more than four family members. In a 10 kg capacity washing machine, you can easily wash around 50 T-shirts at one time. This washing machine is called a high capacity washing machine.


Spin Speed- When we wash the clothes appropriately, then the spin cycle takes place. In this spin cycle, it removes water from the wet clothes. We know that the drum spins helps to remove the water from the clothes in the washing machine.

Accordingly, various low-budget washing machines provide you a spin speed of around 1100 rpm, but if you are going to buy a good budget washing machine, you can quickly get around 1200 RPM to 1600 RPM spin speed for cotton clothes.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is the feature given in the washing machine that helps you to manage the speed at which the washing machine runs depending upon the load. This inverter Technology feature works by the sensor system.

Wash Programs

Wash programs are the features in the washing machine that enables the person to order some instructions to the device. For example, if you are using a Child lock in the washing machine, it doesn’t open the lid at the time of washing. At the same time, for various washing types, you can select your wash program.

Drum Type

You will find different types of washing machine drums depending upon the material, patterns, and various other factors. The most common drum type is the plastic drum type. You can easily clean the drum if you are using a plastic drum type in a washing machine. Steel drums are also present in a large number of premium washing machines. You will also find horizontal drum and vertical drumming, depending upon the front-type washing machine and the top-type washing machine.

In-Built Heater

Now, some of the Best Washing Machine With Inbuilt Heater In India, which helps to get the water at a specific temperature, depending on the type of wash.

Wireless or Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Some of the best Wi-Fi washing machine in India, comes with handy feature to connect with smart phone to switch off the washing machine after washing is done and many other benefits .

How to Use the Washing Machine?

washing machine

Here, we will see the steps to use the washing machine properly and efficiently.

The first step should be there to distinguish the cloth depending upon the color, fabrics, stains, and a lot more.

Now, you should choose the washing cycle depending upon the cloth. For example, if your material is filthy, can you select the fast period in which the washing and spinning both will do at a very high speed. If you are cleaning the very delicate clothes, then you should choose the delicate cycle in which the washing and spinning are at a low rate. You can also choose the medium one.

You should select the temperature of the water which you should use for cleaning the clothes. If you are washing dirty clothes, you can use warm water, but if you are cleaning some delicate clothes, you can use cold water. If you are cleaning kitchen towels or things like that, then you should use hot water.

Next, the consumer should select the detergent you should use while washing the clothes. You should also check in what manner you should put the soap in your washing machine.

After this, you should put clothes inside the washing machine. You should add the water depending upon the number of gears you put inside the drum. Then you should turn on the washing machine. If you are using a semi-automatic washing machine, then it may be possible that you have to transfer the clothes from one container to another depending upon the type of washing machine.

Tips for Washing Clothes in Right Way

How to keep your white clothes white?

Taking care of white clothes is very difficult, so you have to be very cautious when washing white clothes to maintain whiteness.

You are going to wash delicate white clothes; then you have to be very careful while washing. First, you should read about the cloth whether you have to clean it using hands or watch it in the washing machine. If there is handwash written, then you should not put it in the washing machine, but if it is a writ that you can wash it in the washing machine, you should remove it using proper detergent and cold water. You should also use the delicate wash option.

If you are washing regular white clothes like a white shirt, and many more then at that time, you can use warm water, and with proper detergent, you can clean the regular White clothes quickly.

If you are washing white clothes like white sheets, white socks, and many more, at that time, you should select the clothes and use the hot water to wash them in the washing machine. If stains are present on your clothes, you can also soak them in warm water for some time.

How to keep sports outfits clean and odor-free?

By using proper detergent, if you are thinking of washing a sports outfit, you should choose an appropriate cleanser that can easily remove the tough stains and odor.

Do not keep sports outfits unwashed for a long time- The sports outfits will carry a lot of sweat, so you should never keep it dirty as it will be very unhygienic. If you are not able to wash them, then you should dry it so that bacteria and germs will not grow too much.

Removing the sweat stains- These sports outfits will show sweat stains, and removing those stains are very difficult. So you can pre-treat the stains using some specific detergents that remove stains.

How to wash color garments?

For cleaning the colored garments first, you should distinguish the cloth depending upon the color. After this, you should wash the garments correctly.

If some stains are there, you should first pre-treat the stains and wash them.

If some new clothes are there, you should use cold water to protect the clothes’ shine.

Tips on how your unpaired socks can be useful

Use it for cleaning the washing machine-If you have unpaired socks; then you can use them very easily to wash the clothes. Just like any other cloth is used for cleaning, you can also use unpaired socks. You should first clean the washing machine very correctly and use the unpaired socks.

Use the unpaired socks for keeping the change- If you have a lot of change and are not able to keep it properly, you can use the unpaired socks for putting the difference. It will be an exciting idea to keep the change in the stockings along with utilizing the unpaired socks.

Use the unpaired socks for sock puppet- You can also use the unpaired socks for entertainment. By using unpaired socks and some other unusable material, you can easily make a sock puppet.

Choosing Baby Clothes Detergent

You should select the proper detergent for your baby clothes. First, you should check if your baby is allergic to some specific detergents or not. If not, you can use the regular soaps, or if your baby is allergic, you should use the cleanser that does not contain any kind of dyes and perfumes.

First, you should distinguish the clothes depending upon uses, color, etc. wash the diapers in hot water and not with any other cloth. If any stains are there, then you should pre-treat those stains.

Then select the temperature of the water depending upon the cloth and then wash it properly.

How to fix your favorite garments?

For the stains – If stains are there on the clothes, then you can easily remove it used by pre-treating. Just use the detergent at the part of this stain and fix the stain problems.

Wrinkle problem in the clothes- Having wrinkles in your clothes is the most irritating thing. For those small wrinkles on the clothes, you can easily use a damp paper or cloth, dab it over your fabric, and use a dryer.

The problem of ripped stockings- Your stockings ripping make you have to take a new one from the market. But if you are somewhere out and you got torn stocking, then you can save your day using some tricks. You can use transparent nail polish. You have to take a tissue and put it in the middle of your skin and stockings. After that, use transparent nail polish and dry it properly.

How to wash jeans?

To wash the jeans, you should first select a proper detergent to clean the jeans and protect the fabric and color of your jeans efficiently.

During washing, you should never mix your jeans with other clothes. It is also said to first wash jeans using your hand in the tube and then put it in the washing machine so that the color and texture of it are not damaged, and cleaning occurs appropriately. 

After this, you should use proper detergent for cleaning the jeans in the cold water, and then rinse them. By using these processes, you can easily wash your clothes with appropriate care. 

How to wash white sarees and white-linen?

For washing the white sarees and white-linen, you should separate it with other colored clothes. Removing it with different colored clothes can lead to the mixing of the colors.

After this for stains, you should pre-treat the stains so that it will be easy to remove. You should use hot water while cleaning the white sarees and white-linen.

After cleaning the white sarees and white-linen, dry it properly. If possible, you should dry it in the sun, removing the germs from the clothes. You should also iron the clothes as with this; you can remove the bacteria. So by using the above steps, you can very easily wash the white sarees and white-linen.

Know, hot the silk clothes need to wash up?

First, you should very clearly read the instructions for washing the Silk clothes. If any stains are on the Silk clothes, you should not pre-treat those stains in that area. By doing so, the silk cloth will fade at that spot. So, for this, you should wash the whole cloth.

You should always take special care during washing this Silk cloth. You should never squeeze the Silk clothes for removing the water; this can damage your fabric.

If you are ironing the silk cloth, you should do it very gently and never keep the iron at high heat. By using these steps, you can very quickly protect your silk clothes.

How to wash cotton garments for best stain removal?

If you are treating the mystery strains, you can easily use the cold water, but if you are using greasy strains, you should use the hot water to remove the pressures.

If tough stains are there, then you should forest pre-treat the strain and, after that, place it in the washing machine. You can wash the light color white cotton garments in warm water in the washing machine.

The cooling cycle can remove the shrink at the time of rinsing the clothes. Once you remove the clothes from the washing machine, you can shake the clothes, which will reduce the wrinkles.


I hope you are clear with each and everything related to washing the clothes and washing machines. Now, whenever you plan to buy a new washing machine, never forget about the guide we have demonstrated above. This guide will help you choose a proper quality washing machine, which is not only a perfect one but will also prove to be a long-lasting purchase.

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