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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2022)

In recent years, most of the families have chosen to give up gas and move towards electricity to reduce consumption and limit harmful emissions for the environment.

Among the most popular solutions, induction Cooktops are an optimal choice in economic terms but also terms of practicality and safety as they use electricity and, cooking without the use of a flame, limit domestic accidents.

However, the concern for consumption makes the induction Cooktop less convenient than natural gas, although its energy has an efficiency of 90%, making it a particularly efficient system.

Before analyzing the advantages in detail and understanding how much an induction Cooktop consumes, let’s try to understand how it works.

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What is it, and how does it works?


While going into detail on the operation of the induction Cooktop, it is quite useful to understand the differences between electric, radiant, or halogen cooking systems.

The radiant Cooktop geared up with an electric powered heater is positioned below with a double-glazed surface. Consequently, it generates the heat on the Cooktop first and then the pans on the principle of transmission.

The halogen Cooktops work similarly to the radiant Cooktops with the only difference in resistance, instead of which they use an infrared lamp to generate heat for cooking.

Unlike the previous systems, the induction Cooktop does not produce heat but heats the pots through a magnetic field generated by coils powered by electricity.

The heat produced below the fiberglass surface radiates directly onto the pots without heat loss. It ensures a much higher energy yield to the induction Cooktop than radiant and halogen Cooktops, whose thermal efficiency is 45% -60%.

The induction cooking system is, therefore, the most efficient and a modern one, as long as you use the suitable pots, which must have a completely flat bottom, made up of ferrous material.

The bottom must also be magnetic to ensure perfect operation with the induction system.

To verify it, simply, you can use a magnet to approach the bottom of the pot, which will be recognized as suitable as for the Induction Cooktop only if the magnet adheres perfectly to it.

Moreover, the quality of the parent company brand didn’t disappoint this time either. It has produced a fantastic induction plate with tiny and light dimensions, to take it wherever you want, even to a party where you want to keep your special soup warm. Its properties are clearly described in two terms: quality and safety. All of the ten cooking programs allow you to get dishes cooked at the right point and to use even the most giant pan you have at home, without problems.

The bright display, placed together with the front controls, guarantees excellent use of the plate without hindrance during cooking and is then very simple to clean at the end of its use. Thanks to the security system, you will not be able to run into problems at home with your children, and you will notice the significant energy savings on the bill for the current month. It has been a guarantee for years, in the kitchen, thanks to its technology and professionalism.

You can forget about the heat loss caused by your kitchen stoves because Aicok relies on induction Cooktop technology with excellent guarantees. The use is quite simple and intuitive and can use pots from 12 cm up to 26 cm in cast iron, iron, and even steel, without problems.

Very versatile, thanks also to an LED control panel to regulate the temperature and power of the plate from 60 ° C up to 240 ° C to prepare a good plate of pasta or simply browned steaks. Very thin, in just 5.5 cm, you can find the compactness and ease of use of one of the best brands in the market and of the highest quality. Timer and safety lock are visible and easy to set controls so as not to risk leaving pasta overcooked or causing someone in the house to get hurt. It is savings at your fingertips.

Alternatively, you can buy adapter discs that ensure the use of the induction cooker on any pot.

Types and Models

Our grandparents and our parents cooked with the classic gas stove, equipped with ovens that gave off a beautiful flame. But technology has made great strides in these decades, and today we can have technologically advanced cooking Cooktops, which allow food to cook based on innovative and different from traditional systems. There are, in fact, electric and induction Cooktops that now flank, when not replacing, the conventional gas Cooktops.

Let’s see the features and peculiarities of use in this in-depth article:


Before10 years, almost all of the cooking Cooktops in Italian kitchens based on gas, whether it was methane or LPG. It doesn’t matter; as in recent years, technology has produced much more advanced and safe heating systems based on electricity.

Let’s talk about ceramic or induction Cooktops. Both, as we know, are powered by electricity, but generally, one uses it differently. The first way to generate heat is transmitted to the pots, whereas the second way is to create a magnetic field that heats the bottom without transferring heat.

Let’s now look at what these systems are and how they work:

Gas Cooktop

As mentioned, these are traditional cooking Cooktops, powered precisely by gas. The Cooktop can be connected by methane gas connection of the domestic system correctly, or if this is not the case, then we do have the gas cylinder, which one can use for the stoves. The gas consumption in the Cooktops is not high, but they are present in many significant risks.

Hence, the presence of live-fire can affect both elements around the cooking area and the clothes of those who cook possible gas leaks, which, as we all know, could prove lethal.

The gas Cooktops made of stainless steel or enameled sheet are best. The burners or burners powered by gas in some models can also mix with lamps powered by electricity, which, however, consume a lot. The gas-powered Cooktops can also be in glass-ceramic, but the burners are generally of a particular type.

Electric Cooking Cooktops

Like the first cooking Cooktops of this kind, there are still cooking Cooktops, which are very similar to traditional gas Cooktops, where the burners generate fires and power by electricity to light up and become hot with a lot of heat dispersion. These are plans that consume a lot of energy; thus, glass-ceramic Cooktops are preferred.

Glass-Ceramic Cooking Cooktops

Glass-ceramic is the material by which one can make the induction or electric-powered Cooktop. It resists high temperatures (up to 500 C), acid substances, and, therefore, detergents, and impacts.

Technical Sheet of Glass Ceramic Cooktops

The technical datasheets of the ceramic Cooktops should contain this information, useful for evaluating and comparing different models:

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

Beyond the efficiency and practicality offered by the induction cooking system, this type of Cooktop has met with many hesitations, due to the very high electrical power, the coils absorb.
The use of a single stove on an induction Cooktop generates an electrical absorption of approximately 2000 W if used at maximum power. It can ensure good energy savings if used at lower powers, according to adequate on and off cycles.
Add to this, the fact that an induction Cooktop generates a very high current absorption at startup, up to 3,600 W, but during use, it consumes only 600 W.
Using, however, from all the cooking zones, the induction Cooktop generates a rather important current consumption, which is quite higher than the classic 3 KW if other electrical appliances are in operation.
Analyzing the costs of an induction Cooktop, therefore, is the first thing to take into account concerning the capacity of the meter, where evaluating the possibility of increasing the contractual power from 4 to 6 KW, hence is an addition while verifying the efficiency of the ‘electrical system.
Another important element from an economic point of view is to evaluate and understand how much an induction Cooktop consumes in the initial investment, which is even higher in terms of costs than that required for gas Cooktops.
An induction Cooktop has a cost that is approximately higher for the standard models against gas Cooktops, but it is possible to amortize the costs over the years.
The difference between consumption and costs of a gas Cooktop also seems to confirm this and highlight how traditional Cooktops that use the flame are more convenient economically.
Although the induction cooker consumes less than the gas one, in reality, the methane costs are lower. Therefore the gas Cooktops can ensure significantly more savings in utility bills.

Induction VS. Gas Cooktop

induction cooktop


gas cooktop

Induction Cooktop and gas Cooktop are not equivalent products. Each type has a different operating system, as well as advantages and disadvantages that must be considered during the purchase phase to avoid running into choices far from one’s expectations.

How does an Induction Cooktop work?

The induction Cooktops powered by electricity and coated with glass-ceramic. These are products capable of generating an electromagnetic field that converts to heat so that only the lower pot is heated and not the rest of the Cooktop.

Consequently, one can use induction Cooktops in combination with compatible pots and pans.

How does a Gas Cooktop work?

A gas Cooktop is a trendy appliance that one makes with a steel surface, enameled, glass-ceramic, or tempered glass.

The main parts that make up a gas Cooktop are the burners from which the flames start, the safety thermocouple that interrupts the gas supply when the fire goes out, and the grills to permanently support the pots on the front or side controls.

The ignition system of modern gas Cooktops is electronic. Basically, under each knob, there is a tap that opens or closes the gas passage towards the corresponding burner.

When you turn the knob, a spark plug activates, which causes the gas to ignite, while the thermocouple that heats up allows the passage of methane (or LPG in some cases).

Differences between the best 

Having grasped how to select the item we are chasing, we now focus on the factors to consider for Portable Induction Plate. The inequalities that positively or negatively affect the possible purchase are connected to the use you have to make of it, the size, volume, handling, and power if we investigate electronic items, including the same consumption. Finding the correct product, which satisfies all our requests and at the same time is the most appropriate for sale, is not an easy thing.

Below we will direct to check all these factors to give a solution to any problem. In this way, you will continually have in mind a soundtrack from which you can take a cue before making any purchase:

How much does it cost?

While buying a product, we generally check the price to know if it’s suitable as per our budget and pocket-friendly. Therefore, one considers the number of assumptions he/she can make to outline many peculiarities for the Portable Induction Plate before being able to buy it. Accordingly, it is helpful to get to know the exact price so that he/she can achieve it with a good discount. The cost dominates our mind, but we are happy to inform you that the best prices, which are mentioned with all the consumer reviews you want are all appropriate and not fake. Therefore find your product and have fun!

Is the best price for Portable Induction Plate the right choice?

Prioritize the price aspect and neglect all other points to buy Portable Induction Plate, which does not always have a high price. Indeed, frequently, we see tarot promotions, which do not correspond to the objectivity of the facts. Our intelligence is veiled by the cost, leaving out the verification of the essential characteristics of the article. The assumptions of the guarantee have the possibility of a free return and the return of the expense. They might seem like usual speeches, but they are not. Frequently on the back, an owl price, real scams are veiled, and getting out is complicated. So, follow us before buying any product at a better price, check all the conditions indicated, and more than anything else you should always enter to deepen the reviews.

Is cooking with induction safe?

We have already talked about the costs of an induction Cooktop, which is still higher than those on gas.

If it is true among the latter, then there are some whose prices are particularly low, around, in the case of Induction Cooktops, hence the cheapest models to start from, which eventually reaches high-end induction Cooktops in an average manner. Still, they can also go up frequently in some instances.

Fortunately, the initial investment costs can thank the 50% tax deductions for the expenses incurred by the furniture bonus, which provides precisely tax relief applicable to appliances purchased after a building renovation, including induction Cooktops.

The economic aspect ratio is not the only factor in favor of purchasing an induction Cooktop; here is a detailed summary of the main advantages of this type of appliance.

Induction Cooktop: The Main Advantages

The induction Cooktop implies high consumption if used inefficiently but can represent a rather convenient solution for a variety of aspects and benefits, such as:


As mentioned, an induction Cooktop is a highly safe system for cooking food not only due to the absence of flames of gas during cooking but also for the particular material of its glass-ceramic surface, which, keeping cold around the pot, reduces the risk of burns.

Ease of use

Safety goes hand in hand with ease of use in this cooking system: which is not only easy to clean but also practical to use concerning Induction Cooktops. Alongside, thanks to the smooth surface, which lastly, ensure maximum comfort by applying minimum maintenance.

Quick-Cooking and Preciseness

Cooking by induction is fast and precise when compared to it of gas Cooktops, because of the warmth equipped directly on the rock bottom of the pot that permits to cut back the days considerably.

In just 3 minutes, in fact, with the induction cooktop, you’ll be able to bring a 1-liter pot of water to a boil, compared to the 5/7 minutes that a gas Cooktop would take.

Some models of induction Cooktops equipped with advanced options cherish the booster mode as an example. Hence, it makes sure that you set exactly not solely for the cookery temperature, however conjointly the days or, even, to associate new stoves with making sure with higher cookery within the case of larger pots.

Less Heat Loss

Thanks to fast and precise cookery, the induction Cooktop permits uniform heat diffusion on the pots, minimizing any heat loss typical of gas stoves, which, on the contrary, unfold heat to the encircling surroundings.

Reduced environmental impact

The broader energy potency ensured by induction Cooktops may also be provided by associating these cookery systems with alternative renewable sources, cherishing the domestic electricity the phenomenon, and ensuring the provision of unpolluted energy.

It is why the mistreatment of induction Cooktops offers the advantage of a lower environmental impact of consumption than gas, which, on the contrary, emits massive quantities of greenhouse gas into the surroundings to perform.

Things to Contemplate Whereas Shopping for an Induction Cooktop

The current flow within the coil produces a flux that successively offers rise to parasitic currents, which allows the iatrogenic electric current to dissipate in the style of heat. It’s with this heat that food cookery happens.

Induction cookware – blessings

Let’s know the advantages; the induction cookware possesses in it by the following information:

The potency of induction Cooktops is up to 92%. To be clear, one liter of water boils in only three minutes.
Absence of warmth loss.
Very straightforward to scrub.
No risk regarding gas leaks.
Cooking zones with automatic recognition of the pots: It needs to act solely within the containers’ presence because of the magnetic (ferrous) bottom. For the same reason, several cookery pots don’t seem to be appropriate for Induction Cooktops.
The glass-ceramic encompasses half the cookery zone, which remains cold. Hence, there’s no risk of vituperative.
More uniform cookery because of the stable heat distribution.
Possibility to regulate the cookery temperature.
With the new generation induction cookers, it’s potential to pick from a series of cookery programs appropriate for every direction (braised, broths, roasts).
At the same time, not the kappa: some models have intrinsic extractors that stop the dispersion of cookery fumes and vapors with a right away aspiration.

Portable Induction Cooktop VS. Non-Portable Induction Cooktop

Non-Portable Cooktops

It is the moveable Cooktop which decides in between gas, electrical Cooktops, glass-ceramic, and induction Cooktop. Prices, models, opinions, and recommendations are essential for selection purposes.

Would you like to cook outside? Perhaps you will try to line up a room within the garden and appearance for unintentional non-portable Cooktops. If the non-portable Cooktops are those you’re trying to find, you’ve got landed on the correct page as a result of we’ll show you different choices offered by the market while not being influenced by the commercials of the producers!

A portable the Cooktop should be small in size, straightforward to scrub, and manage; however, it should be especially free-standing. A conveyable Cooktop must have all the benefits of the classic Cooktops, and they do not need to affect positions.

They are essential tabletop appliances for the vacation at home or cookery within the garden.

Outdoor kitchens and plates

Those trying to find additional “definitive” solutions to be able to cook during a garden can consult the models of garden plates listed within the article dedicated to outside kitchens.

Portable Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktop is progressively widespread. So you will require an induction glass-ceramic plate, including wattage. The additional compact is supplied with just one cookery position, whereas the more complete ones possess 2 or 3 cookery positions.

You can simply use it outdoor to cook any dish. The additional powerful ones provide a decent cookery speed and are scald-proof: the warmth is focused solely within the cooking space underneath the pan, so connected with the perimeter glass-ceramic, which no one will burn!

The market offers several moveable Induction Cooktops. They’re the majority stunning to appear. However, not all of them are useful. Once shopping for, you should listen to the electrical absorption: opt for moveable induction Cooktops that provide a robust risk to regulate the electrical intake in keeping with the cookery mode.


Following are the highlights on Induction Cooktop:

The energy efficiency of the induction Cooktop

An induction Cooktop generates more effective operation than Cooktops with heating elements, exceeding them by about 80%. As there is no full flare, so there is no heat dispersion outside the pot or the Cooktop’s surface. Therefore, the induction process produces heat directly on the cookware, which makes the induction Cooktop more efficient than an electric Cooktop.

Nominal power of the induction Cooktop

Most induction cookers have control between 1000W-1800W. The higher power means fast cooking, but it could be expensive in terms of price and cost of electricity consumption. Infusing fusions can occur or create a risk of fire. You can connect the 1800 W Cooktop to the standard power outlet. So be aware of the compromise between the cooking speed and the cost of electricity while choosing the power of the elements of the induction cooker.

Power of the induction Cooktop

While cooking some foods, you may need to control the ability to heat the grain accurately. Induction Cooktops equipped with power levels allows you to set the amount of heat required for a specific food. Most induction Cooktops have different power levels that can set during cooking. For example, for an 1800 W induction Cooktop, ten different power levels range from 200 W to 2000 W, it is up to you to make the right choice.

Induction Cooktop Cooking Timer

You never know if you want to boil or just heat something for some time! If in doubt, it is always better to choose an induction Cooktop with the integrated timer function. You can set the time you want to use it and then wait for it to turn off automatically. Ideally, equipping with an integrated digital countdown timer marks the minute for a total of 180 minutes. It is undoubtedly a handy function to automatically turn off the plate and save energy.

Control Panel of the Induction Cooktop

The cooking settings typically stored on a digital control panel gives access to the ordinarily accessible and intuitive operating commands, thus depicting push buttons. Sometimes the controls are imprinted and therefore operated by touch, and in this case, they can be slightly more expensive.

Preset Cooking Menus for Induction Cookers

The preset menus define certain foods, with preset cooking temperatures and times for such types of food. Many modern induction Cooktops have lists for the grill, for boiling, for frying, etc. In many cases, they simplify our lives, making the plate’s use even faster, like,

  • Two flex zone.
  • PowerMove.
  • FlexInduction: is a pair of x four flex segments + 2 extra auxiliary segments.
Four Induction Zones
  • Automatic transfer of the chosen settings from one cookery zone to a different
  • The Flexi cookery zones are part of or separate mechanically supported the form and size of the pot used.
Control System
  • Pinatubo: booster performs for pans.
  • 17 levels.
  • Pot Boost: booster performs for a kitchen utensil.
  • Frying Sensor with five temperature levels.
Digital display of the chosen power
  • One can use 2-stage residual heat indicators for every individual cookery zone to protect from misconduct.
  • End the cookery timer for every individual’s area.
  • Pots recognition Safety switch for kids, safety Wipe Protection: One should keep in mind for straightforward cleansing power management function to limit the electrical absorption from one power unit.
  • Restart function.
  • Fast restart performs.
  • Home Connect remote programming and management of the appliance by a mobile app.
  • Integrated hood management.
  • Purpose to stay heat.
  • Actual consumption is visible on the show.

Main options
  • Flush mounting prime.
  • Zone lightweight red.
Technical specifications
  • Installation dimensions: 780 metric linear unit x500 mm.
  • Width 80cm.
  • Connection cable length: 110 cm.
  • Has power management perform to limit the electrical absorption from one power unit.
Main switch

The minimum thickness of the room prime has thirty metric linear units.

Maximum absorbed power 7400 W
  • Cooking zones: one x Ø four hundred metric linear unitx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Power levels three.7 kW) Induction or a pair of x Ø a hundred ninety metric direct unit, 2.2 kW (max. Power levels three.7 kW) Induction; one x Ø four hundred metric linear unitx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Power levels three.7 kW) Induction or a pair of x Ø a hundred ninety metric linear units, 2.2 kW (max. Power levels three.7 kW) Induction.
  • 2 Flex Induction zones with a pair of usage options: 2 individual zones with 200metric linear unit surface or one versatile zone with 1 x Ø four hundred mmx230 mm surface
  • Cable enclosed.
  • For mounting on stone or granite tiptop.


Choosing for Portable Induction Plate is undoubtedly much more profitable now concerning a few seasons, but this does not always mean that it is easy to select. First of all, to avoid making rough mistakes and paying for the wrong quality product do have an obligation every time. Therefore our priority is that the object should be more convenient for our purpose and we thus, do ask ourselves questions on which to choose and is it that which we had searched for. These are questions you ask yourself every time you want to buy this or any other product, be it DIY, IT, or daily use.

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