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7 Best Smart WiFi AC In India 2022

Are you looking for the perfect air conditioner?  Air conditioners are no longer a luxury, and it has become a necessity. But with so many options coming out every day, how do you understand what will cater best to your needs? Thus, here are some options that will help you attain the best ...

7 Best BLDC Fan In India 2022

The normal ceiling fans having an induction AC motor consume huge amounts of electricity. That’s the reason behind your increased bill amounts at the end month’s end. Induction motors need a lot of power to operate, which is why it’s time to buy a new fan that will consume less energy and ...

7 Best Rechargeable Fan In India 2022

We all know we can recharge phones and laptops. Sometimes we can also recharge the lamps. This is because all these appliances and gadgets work on batteries that are nothing but capacitors that absorb the static electric charge. And once you unplug the charger, the charge stored in the ...

7 Best Smart Bulb In India 2022

Smart AI technology has found its way into several home appliances like washing machines, ceiling fans, air conditioners, etc. And now, you will have the opportunity to buy smart bulbs that it can control either from your phone or via a remote as per the configuration.  So, are you ...

Wipro Next Smart Bulb Review

You have heard about smart TVs, smart washing machines, and even smart ceiling fans. But, do you know presently, you can also find a smart bulb in the electronics market?  Shocked, aren’t we?  Well, to be honest, even we were left speechless after we learned that Wipro had ...

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7 Best Copper AC In India 2022

Are you planning to buy a new AC but can’t decide on the coil?  Well, every air conditioner appliance will come with three main parts- the compressor, the motor, and the condenser coil. Out of these three parts, the condenser coil needs to be considered properly only after assessing ...