7 Best Smart Bulb In India 2022

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2022)

Smart AI technology has found its way into several home appliances like washing machines, ceiling fans, air conditioners, etc.

And now, you will have the opportunity to buy smart bulbs that it can control either from your phone or via a remote as per the configuration. 

So, are you interested in learning more about this product? 

You are because when it comes to smart home appliances, no one can ignore the discussion.

That’s why we have talked about the best seven such bulbs which you can choose for your home.

Besides, we will also help you pick the best smart bulb in India that will enhance your home’s aesthetic beauty and functionality. 

How have we tested and picked the best smart bulb in India?

Several companies have introduced smart bulbs in recent years. We were a little hesitant running the tests on several products because each one has a unique set of features.

But then we devised a strategy based on which we could compare different bulbs and shortlist them. For instance, first, we considered the lumens, which define how bright the bulb is.

Next, we checked how the bulb consumes much electric power since we didn’t want our readers to buy a product that will increase their monthly electric bills. 

We also considered the smart working configurations of the bulb and picked the products working on both remote controls and phones.

In the end, we decided to compare the prices of the smart bulbs so that our list contained only the ones that everyone can afford without thinking too much about the finances.

In the end, we are left with seven top smart bulbs in India, which we have listed down for you in the below section. 

7 Best Smart Bulb In India 2022

1. Mi LED Smart Color Bulb

Mi LED Best Smart Bulb In India


  1. 9 watts electric power 
  2. 185 grams weight 
  3. 5.5 X 5.5 X 12 centimeters product dimension 

Mi LED Smart bulb is the best smart bulb for Alexa and When it comes to smart technologies, MI has become the best brand, and that’s why buying this bulb will help you increase the aesthetics of your home.

It has a service life of around 11 years which is pretty high for a bulb. The total lumen of the bulb is above 105, which is why it will glow brightly once switched on.

It can be controlled using your Android or iPhone once you download the application for the same. Also, it can control it via voice assistant, and hence you will be able to integrate it with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.

With a B22 holder cap, installment of the bulb is quite easy. Rather than having the normal white lights, the bulb comes with 16 million colors, which is why you can set the best ambiance in your room. 


  • It can group multiple smart MI bulbs together
  • It can obtain different light settings in different bulbs 
  • Has a total lifetime of 25000 hours 


  • The lumen is somewhat less for the smart MI bulb

2. Syska Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb


  1. 16 million RGB color options 
  2. B22 holder 
  3. Can be voice-controlled 

If you are planning to buy multiple smart bulbs for your home but with less power consumption threshold, no other bulb will be as good as the Syska Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED bulb.

Normally, when you switch on the product, it will give off white light. Using your mobile phone, you will change the light spectrum since the bulb is being integrated with 16 million different hues within the visible light spectrum.

Once you switch on your mobile’s Wi-Fi and connect to the app, you will find some spots blinking on the app’s interface, which will indicate the Syska bulbs that are ready to be paired. After you pair the bulbs, you can operate them from your phone. 


  • It can be integrated with Alexa or Google assistant, and hence voice control is available 
  • Consumes a lot less power as compared to other smart bulbs, and hence electricity bills will stay within the limit
  • It has higher lumen power of 560, which is why the brightness of the bulb is amazing


  • It can work only with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum 

3. Halonix Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb


  1. 12-watt power consumption 
  2. Smart and appealing design 
  3. Multiple options for white color also 

If you are looking for a bulb that can control from a long-distance remote location range, the Halonix Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulb is the best fit.

It’s a polychromatic LED which means, besides emanating a white glow, the bulb will be able to emanate other wavelengths too from the visible spectrum.

You will be able to control the shade and its brightness right from your phone without actually having to be inside the room where the bulb is present.

Considering the white light, you can switch between warm white glow, bright white glow, and bluish-white glow that makes the bulb so popular in the market. 


  • Dimming and brightening can be done from the phone itself 
  • It can group multiple bulbs, and it can also implement different shades 
  • It has a B22 holder carving which makes the installation hassle-free.


  • It has a high power consumption of 12-watts that might increase your electric bills a bit. 

4. Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb


  1. 9-watts power consumption 
  2. Different white glow combinations 
  3. B22 holder cap 

If you want to tune the white glow emanated from the bulb, the best choice will be of Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED bulb.

You will be able to integrate the bulb with your phone over the Wi-Fi only. Besides, you will also be able to connect it with Alexa and Google Assistant because voice control is possible for this smart bulb.

According to the purpose, you will be able to tune the brightness of the white glow into two modes- warm white at a temperature of 2700K and the cool white with a temperature of 6500K.

Besides the white light, you will be able to change between 16 million different hues belonging to the RGB spectrum, which is why you can set the perfect environment for a party night with red light, a relaxing evening with blue light, and so on. 


  • Light can be scheduled using the timer option
  • It can control all the Wipro smart bulbs at the same time
  • There is no need to install a special router, and the bulb will work on your existing Wi-Fi


  • Dimmable options are only for white light and not for RGB

5. Philips Hue Smart Light


  1. Compatible with multiple apps, including Apple HomeKit 
  2. 10-wattage electric consumption 
  3. White and RGB bulb

Philips is one of the most popular brands for home appliances which is why this Hue Smart Light bulb is an ideal fit for those wanting to install trustworthy lights in their home.

Besides operating from the phone, you can connect the bulb with three other interfaces- Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Apple HomeKit.

The bulb needs to be connected with the Hue Family application from Philips, which will allow you to operate the appliance in two different modes.

The white mode having multiple hues, starting from the warm white to the bluish-white, and the RGB shades having 16 million different wavelength options. 


  • Brightness can increase automatically towards the morning, thereby helping you to wake up
  • Can select different shades of the glow emanating from the bulb based on the purpose
  • Lights can be turned on and off automatically with a scheduled timer 


  • Power consumption is high for the Philips Hue bulb. 

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Smart LED Light


  1. 12-watt power consumption 
  2. Maximum temperature 6500K
  3. 1080lm lumens 

If you want to control the bulb’s brightness from 1 to 100%, no other product will help you, like Solimo Smart LED light.

With the app’s help, you will be able to dim the light glow or brighten it up according to your requirements.

You can set a warm white shade with a yellowish hue at a temperature of 3000K along with a bluish-white glow or the Cool Day Light at 6500K.

A timer option is available for this bulb, using which you can automatically switch the bulb on or off as per your convenience. You can even schedule the switching on and off-time based on the use of the bulb in your home. 


  • Has a high lumen rating of 1080lm, which casts a bright light for a big room 
  • B22 bulb base offers hassle-free installation in the bulb holder 
  • Has a high life expectancy as compared to other white smart bulbs


  • Do not have RGB color shade options 

7. Lifelong Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb


  1. Works with existing Wi-Fi connection 
  2. 16 million shades of hues from the RGB spectrum 
  3. Can be voice-controlled 

If you want to have a smart LED bulb that comes with a wide temperature range or the perfect glow, the Lifelong Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED bulb is the ideal choice.

Starting from 1700K, which will imitate a candlelight glow, to 6500K resembling a fluorescent white, you will change the white glow as per your need in the room.

Besides, you will have the option to change the bulb’s color to other shades from the visible spectrum apart from white. 


  • It can create different groups of bulbs 
  • Has a high lumen rating of 1080lm
  • It can easily switch it between the white and RGB shades 


  • The life expectancy of the bulb is less

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Smart Bulb In India

  1. Lumens: The lumen rating will describe how bright the bulb can glow at the maximum rate. If you have multiple lights in a single room, a low lumen rating will work. But, if you want the smart bulb to be the main illumination source, a high lumen intensity is needed. 
  2. Color Spectrum: For a multipurpose bulb with different wavelength glows, you need a smart bulb that can emanate both the white and RGB spectral frequencies. 
  3. Warranty: Since smart bulbs are a bit costlier than the normal LEDs, you need to make sure that the product you are buying has a high warranty. 


Smart bulbs have gained a lot of popularity after the introduction of the technology in the market. Most bulbs come with options for both white and RGB spectrums like the Wipro Wi-Fi enabled smart LED bulb that will help you set the perfect mood in the house, like a party mood, a relaxing warm mood, a study mood, and so on.

However, if you do not want to buy a smart bulb having the RGB spectral option, you can go with the Solimo Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulb. The choice of the product will be entirely upon you. So make sure you are selecting the right bulb as per your requirements. 

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