Best Sandwich Toasters In India 2021

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2021)

All the sandwich toasters have different quality and different ways of working. Many of the sandwich makers present in the online and offline market for the customer, but only a few of them are the best and effective for the customer.

Here are the best sandwich makers, making your kitchen look more impressive and helping you make sandwiches more effortlessly and save time. These sandwich toasters have been voted best by the customer after using them for a while.

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Top 10 Best Sandwich Toasters in India 2021

1. Prestige PSMFB 800 Watt Sandwich Toaster

Prestige PSMFB 800 Watt Sandwich Toaster

Prestige Sandwich makers help in effortlessly making mouth-watering toasted sandwiches. It is the time to make mouth-watering but healthy sandwiches in the convenience of your kitchen.

Less oil is needed while toasting just because of the non-stick coated plates, making the sandwich healthier than ever. Making the sandwich is no big hassle with this product, as it has a non-stick coating.

The sandwich maker is an inexpensive product as it is power-efficient with just 800 watts, which will save the wastage of money on electricity bills. Sandwich maker comes with an emphasis on/off indicator. The non-stick coating is easily maintainable and can be easily cleaned.


Glossy looks with convenient Using.
Power on/off indicator.


The plastic body is not durable.

2. Pigeon by Stove Kraft 12283 750 Watt Sandwich Toaster

Pigeon by Stovekraft 12283 750-Watt Sandwich Toaster

Pigeon Sandwich Toaster helps to make grilled as well as toasted sandwiches in an effortless way. The Sandwich toaster is a shockproof and heat resistant body.

It comes with non-slide able rubber feet with the power usage of just 750 watts (220-240v), 50 Hz. Store convenient and easy to use products. Sandwich Toaster comes with Easy to clean plates with non-stick coating. It has power on and off indicators.

The Sandwich Toaster is an inexpensive product to use. The best part about this sandwich toaster is that it is very easy to use. There is no complex nature at all with this toaster. Apart from this, the toaster is a reliable and popular one to buy in current scenarios.


Shockproof and heat resistant.
Easy to clean.


Small Toaster tray for normal-sized bread.

3. Morphy Richards SM3006 (G) 750 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Morphy Richards SM3006(G) 750-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Morphy Richard will undoubtedly prove to be an awesome decision in the long run. It has a pleasant front handle for carrying it around. This Sandwich Toaster is easy to clean with non-stick coated cook plates.

It also has two years of warranty, which is very important. Sandwich Toaster pack includes an instructions manual, customer care list, and guarantee card for the convenient after-sales service.


Ready to cook and power on neon.
The operating voltage is only 230 volts.
Compact upright storage


Ununiformed and uneven heating.

4. Bajaj Majesty SWX 400 700 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

The Bajaj Majesty Sandwich Toaster is compact in its size and smooth looking Sandwich Toaster. It has a stunning finish, making it a stylish modern-day kitchen appliance. The toaster is available with a non-stick coating surface that makes cleaning easier and provides you instant toasted bread.

The Sandwich maker requires significantly less power to operate. Thus, you need not worry about a high electricity bill as well. It has fixed grill plates intact in it with an elegant black finish body.


Less power consumption.
Ergonomic handle.
Easy maintenance.


It can’t be used for larger sizes of bread.

5. Rossmann Sandwich Toaster

Rosmann 3 in 1 Sandwich Toaster

This Sandwich Toaster has unique quality detachable Sandwich/Grill/ Waffle plates to make the snack of your choice. Colored indicator light adds convenience to your cooking, where red light suggests the power on and green to suggest ready to eat. It has a unique snack maker that can be used as an open grill. Twist the snack maker and get yourself an open grill. It is a great sandwich toaster for making the grilled sandwich.


Value for money.
Detachable plates.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.


Push buttons are not durable enough.

6. Havells Toastino 4 Slice Grill & Bbq with Timer 2000 Watt Sandwich Toaster

Havells Toastino 4 Slice Grill & Bbq With Timer 2000-Watt Sandwich Toaster

This Sandwich Toaster’s comfort design is available in classy shades, like black and grey, and sports a slender and sleek frame. The toaster can make four sandwiches at one time easily, and it runs on 2000 watts and utilizes 230 volts.

The sandwich toaster is available with a great and most important feature: non-stick coated plates, which allow you to make neat and tasty grilled sandwiches without the parts sticking on either side. There is also a neon indicator that informs you when the grill Sandwich is thoroughly cooked.


Comes with a timer.
Stainless steel strength and quality.
Heat resistant body for comfort.


Cannot grill thick sandwiches or burgers.

7. BMS Lifestyle Switch On Cool Touch Toaster

BMS Lifestyle Switch ON Cool Touch Toasters

The BMS Lifestyle Sandwich grill does more than just lunch or dinner, veg sandwiches, grill omelets, and even crisp French fries toast in a single product. Its compact storage and space-saving features are perfect for small rooms and cozy kitchens.

The indicator defines the stage of food that it is still cooking or ready to eat. It contains Non-stick baking plates for no oil cooking with bigger and deeper plates. As the toaster has bigger plates, one can make a bigger sandwich as well.


Light in weight
Easy to clean
Good cord length


Loose switch quality

8. Kent 16024 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster

Rico Sandwich Toaster

This Kent Toaster allows the maker to make healthy, cooked toasted bread using fewer butter and oil amounts. Bread can be stuffed with your favorite fillings and have a delicious and easy to cook a meal.

The handle is such a cool touch designed to offer you a safe and convenient usage. As the Sandwich is ready, the Sandwich maker automatically shuts off. It can make four sandwiches at a time. The kent sandwich toaster is a healthy way to cook a sandwich.

It allows the food to retain its protein and vitamins and minerals of the veggies. You will be having the best sandwich, which does not harm your health at all.


Non-Toxic Ceramic coating plate
Automatic operation
Easy to use


The toast plate is not deep.

9. Rico German Sandwich Toaster

Kent 16024 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster

This sandwich toaster plates are made with non-sticky substances and do not have toxic compounds (PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium); hence, your sandwich will be safe. The sandwich toaster does not allow any food material to stick on it.

The non-stick surface will allow you to use less cooking oil and butter. Your sandwich won’t stick to the plate’s surface, and it will be easy for you to clean the plates. This sandwich toaster works on 750 watts. The plates of your sandwich will heat fast, making the process highly efficient.

The voltage range of the appliance is 220 volts to 230 volts. Rico German sandwich toaster has a shockproof body for your safety. This sandwich maker’s plates are fixed with triangular ridges that can cut your sandwich into perfect triangles.

This sandwich maker comes in a unique shape, and it sports the shape of an Italian bevel purse. It uses just 750 watts, and that makes it an energy-saving device.

Rubber feet are non-slip; hence your appliance will be stationary all through when you are using it. Rico German sandwich toaster comes with a power cord, which measures 1.3 meters. This makes this appliance more flexible.


Preheating feature
Compact design


No cons can be discussed.

10. Russell Hobbs RST750GR -750 Watt Nonstick crispy grill Sandwich Toaster

Russell Hobbs RST750GR – 750 Watt Non-Stick Crispy Grill Sandwich Toaster

The sandwich maker has the non-stick coating plates on both sides and is capable of making two grilled slices of sandwich at a time. The non-stick coated plates are the fixed grilling plates in the maker and have anti-skid feet with a lockable lid.

The maker has a cool touch body with easy-clean and maintainable technology. The maker has a special thermostatically controlled and has two lights for indicating the temperature of it. It takes around 750 watts of power at a time. It is worth buying this sandwich toaster, as it can help make the perfect sandwich for sure.


Two light for temperature indication
Lockable lid
Fixed grilling plates


The cord length is short.


All the products listed and described above are the best sandwich maker for the customer’s use in their home as these products help us make our food more delicious and nutritious. The sandwich makers will help in making the effortlessly and tasty without making a mess in our kitchen. Many people are interested in making the food more nutritious and healthy, which the sandwich maker helps them do.

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