7 Best Rechargeable Fan In India 2022

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2022)

We all know we can recharge phones and laptops. Sometimes we can also recharge the lamps.

This is because all these appliances and gadgets work on batteries that are nothing but capacitors that absorb the static electric charge.

And once you unplug the charger, the charge stored in the batteries is used up for the gadget’s operation or the appliance. 

But have you ever tried buying a rechargeable fan for yourself? 

If not, then it’s time to discover what this new technology is all about!

Several such battery-laden fans are available in the market, which run on static electricity under normal conditions, and once the battery runs out of charge, you can use the electric cord to power it.

Since this technology is new to many, we have given here the details you might need to find the best rechargeable fan in India

How have we tested and picked the best rechargeable fans in India?

Yes, many such fans can be recharged again and operated without a constant AC electric supply. But whatever products we had on our list were enough to put us in a dilemma.

Being a new appliance for many, we knew our comparative testing strategies need to be flawless. That’s why we first studied each product to understand its battery capacity, the speed of the motor, the wind sweep area, battery lifetime, and other such factors.

Based on these, we compiled our list of 7 Best Rechargeable Fan In India, you can find in the Indian market.

Also, before we finalized our list, we checked what the past users thought of these products and found out that they were truly appreciated, which is why we have described each of them in the forthcoming section. 

Top 7 Best Rechargeable Fan In India 2022

1. Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Fan


  1. 13 X 12 X 6 centimeters dimension
  2. Plastic material 
  3. Button control system 
  4. Three curved blades

Piesome is the best rechargeable fan in India for your study table, office computer desk, or kitchen. Here, the circular cage is perched atop a raised platform that stores the fan’s battery and other parts.

Three blades are there with a curved design that can move the air faster than the straight fan blades.

It has a LED light at the center that can glow continuously for 8 long hours while the fan can work for 4 hours for a single charge cycle of the batteries.

If the charge falls below a threshold, you can plug it into an electric socket, your laptop, or any other source of static charge, just like your phone. 


  • We can use a fan and LED lamp simultaneously 
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Portable and lightweight


  • No swing option is available

2. OPOLAR Rechargeable Fan

OPOLAR Best Rechargeable Fan In India


  1. 3-blade configuration 
  2. 4 different speed settings 
  3. 0.8 kg item weight 

OPOLAR is the other best eco rechargeable fan in India that can work while charging. It comes with dual charging ports such that you can charge the entire device within 6 hours only.

Coming to the design, the white cage encloses curved blades that have higher torque-producing power than normal table fans.

This entire setup is placed on a mount where an irremovable battery is there with a total lifetime of 10000 mAh. It has four different speed settings- low, mid, high, and energy-saving mode.

The fan can work for 12 hours maximum while being on the energy-saving mode. You can place the fan on any surface, thanks to the double bite force clamp present in the mount. 


  • Can rotate for 360°
  • Does not generate warm air due to heated internal parts 
  • Height is adjustable


  • Airflow is converged, thereby having a lesser blade sweep area

3. Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini Fan


  1. 5-speed settings 
  2. 4” blade size 
  3. Made from ABD plastics

Sometimes, you will need a small fan to hold within your palm, especially when camping or going on a trekking journey. For those people, the Geek Aire rechargeable mini fan is the ideal pick.

The total fan’s surface diameter is about 4 inches, and it has a hand holder stand. In this stand, you will find the power button to change the speed settings and switch the fan on and off.

Six small blades are present with an airspeed flow rate of 27ft per second. The battery has a lifetime of 2600 mAh, which will help the fan to last for 9 hours maximum, based on the speed setting.

You will have a blue LED circle on the handle, which indicates the speed, and the four small white LEDs that indicate the battery charge. 


  • Comes with a rubber pad for better stability while charging
  • It is portable and can be used outdoors
  • 3 hours to 9 hours battery life to provide you cold winds for a longer time


  • No height adjustment option available 

4. SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Rechargeable Fan


  1. Four-speed setting options
  2. Adjustable tilt
  3. Detachable front grille

A very few rechargeable fans can provide mild to strong winds, and that too in different vertical directions, and SMARTDEVIL small desk rechargeable fan is one of them.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the fan is portable and can be used anywhere, on your computer desk, in the kitchen, on the patio, and so on.

There is a button using which you can change the tilt within a 45° angle sweep. The blades have an aerodynamic design that can generate high torque for more airflow rate. Here, the four-speed settings are gentle wind, fresh wind, ocean wind, and strong wind.

Equipped with a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, the fan can work without charging for 3.5 to 14 hours max, based on the speed setting. 


  • We can detach the front grille for cleaning 
  • Fast recharging of the battery 
  • Can be powered from different sources like electric sockets, laptop, power bank, and others


  • No horizontal movement or swing feature is present

5. Rico Rechargeable table fan


  1. Generates high torque in the air 
  2. 12” fan size 
  3. 3.13 kg item weight 

If you want a fan that can oscillate between two points for better air movement, the Rico rechargeable table fan will be the best choice.

It has a mounting pedestal where all the control buttons are present. Only two-speed settings are present in the fan, which might prove to be a little difficult.

But due to the curved design of the air blades, the air throw is maximum, and hence, you can feel the strong gust of wind against your face on switching on the fan.

The maximum motor speed at the high-speed setting is about 1350 rpm, whereas the motor delivers a speed of 1050 rpm on the low setting.

Considering the battery’s capacity, the fan can work a maximum of 4 hours, provided the setting is for low speed. 


  • Built-in power cord for less hassle while charging 
  • High-speed fan providing the maximum output of 1350rpm
  • Equipped with DC brushless motor for better durability


  • No option for swinging vertically 

6. EVOLT Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan


  1. Li-ion battery 
  2. Has a maximum lifetime of 2000 mAh
  3. Comes with three blades 

Having a small size and a base swing holder, the fan can be carried outdoors also without any hassle. EVOLT rechargeable table fan comes with three blades with a turbine blade shape that can generate high torque.

Hence, the air throw is huge, which is why you can feel the cold air easily as compared to other small rechargeable fans.

Due to the base, it can be placed on any platform, like on the computer desk, study table, kitchen, island, etc. 


  • The high life of the batteries make the fan last long without charging 
  • Takes less time to get charged fully 
  • Has different speed settings 


  • No option for height adjustment

7. Geeky Portable Rechargeable Fan


  1. 9 X 3.5 X 19 centimeters dimension measurement 
  2. Button controlled fan
  3. Built with high-quality ABS plastic 

If you want to buy a rechargeable fan for outdoor travel activities like camping, trekking, touring, and hiking, the best choice will be the Geeky portable rechargeable fan.

It is equipped with a Li-ion battery having a total lifetime of 1200 mAh. Despite having a small size, the motor can deliver an output airflow of 3800 rpm maximum.

Since there is a handle attached to the grille cage, you can easily hold the fan within your palm’s grasp. 


  • High-speed fan to relieve discomfort from hot weather
  • Ideal for outdoor activities due to its easy usability 
  • We can charge it with a USB 


  • No option for changing the alignment or the tilt

Things to consider before buying the best rechargeable fan in India

  1. Battery life: First, you need to consider the life expectancy of the battery to be used in the rechargeable fan. Some fans have only a 1200 mAh battery, while some come with a 10000 mAh battery. Based on your purpose, you must choose a suitable battery life. 
  2. Airflow movement: Since the fans are powered with motors, make sure you get a fan that has a high rpm rating. This will ensure that the fan can move the maximum volume of air in one complete revolution of the blades. 
  3. The number of Blades and Shapes: Next, check the number of blades present in the fan and analyze whether it’s suitable for your needs or not. Also, try to choose a fan where the blades have a curved design since that’s aerodynamic and has high torque output. 
  4. Charging Time: The rechargeable fan must have a standard charging time like four hours, 6 hours, or 7 hours. Any fan taking time longer than this to get fully charged isn’t ideal for everyday use. 
  5. Speed Settings: Lastly, you need to check the speed settings in the fan. In some products, you will have three-speed settings, while you will have five in some. 


Rechargeable fans have become quite popular in recent times, thanks to their portable nature and easy charging.

We can charge the appliances from the main electric supply and laptops, mobiles, power banks, etc. Since the outside environment temperature is increasing each day, having the best rechargeable fan in India is a better option.

We have given you seven options to choose from. From our personal experience, we would recommend the Geeky portable rechargeable fan for those who usually go on planning outdoor activities like camping, trekking, and others, all thanks to the 3800rpm airflow output of the motor.

Suppose you want to have a fan with tilt options and different speed settings with around 10000 mAh battery life. In that case, the SMARTDEVIL rechargeable fan is the ideal option. 

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