Best Massage Chair in India 2022

Best Massage Chair in India 2022
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2022)

Suppose you’re also looking for the best massage chair in India for yourself that offers you full comfort along with a premium feel and every possible facility that an ideal best massage chair in India should have.

Then Viola! You’re in the right place.

We will assure you that you’ll get what you’re looking for, here we will try to cover up every possible candidate for India’s best massage chair. It’s up to you then, to make your choice according to which suits your pocket or the features which make your best massage chair purchase, legitimate.

Before moving towards the list, we will suggest you go through all the products first and then choose the best chair to call it “the best massage chair in India.”

So let’s start your journey of buying your best massage chair in India

Top 8 Best Massage Chair in India 2022

1. JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

According to Experts, no one can compete with this chair to take away the crown for the best stress buster award. This chair has all the necessary features like massage rollers, footrests, Airbags, Auto-programs, etc.

It has the red-black color combination and comes with a complete one-year National Warranty period that lets it make its space in the list of the candidates for the best massage chair in India. But somewhere, this product is losing a few points in the tally chart because of it’s simple-looking appearance.


Provides super comfort with a long list of features.
Comes with 1 Year National Warranty.
Huge Headrest portion along with dedicated footrest partitions.


Simple design and a little bit rigid backrest portion.

2. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Urban Pro Full Body Massage Chair

Another running opponent for the best massage chair in India is Robotouch Urban’s fully functional and most elegant looking product. It comes with unique functionalities like kneading, knocking, shiatsu, etc. It’s dimensions are 146.5 x 76 x 86 cm.

Undoubtedly this chair is an attention seeker. One can’t resist making his/her way towards this chair after having a glimpse of it. The color combination is super amazing, and it comes with a refined quality of leather that seems inviting and elegant.


Fully functional and Elegant look that can easily attract someone’s eye.
Extendable parts and Automated services enabled in this chair, which helps you with multi-purpose usage.
Free Installation along with a Demon and one year warranty.


Too many nuclear pieces of leather finish are used, giving away a little over sophisticated look.

3. Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

You must be wondering about what makes this chair special? It’s its Aesthetic look and pocket-friendliness that keeps this Product in the league of Best massage chair in India. It offers a wide variety of functions like in-built Bluetooth speaker, Digital Panel to control the speed or rate of massaging parameters.

It also comes with a one-year warranty, which is further expandable up to 6 months by merely fulfilling a few given steps asked by the company. The product quality is premium and perfect looking leather finish in this Product. However, one cannot get an entirely comfortable, horizontally movable chair.

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One of the most pocket friendly amongst the other candidates for Best Massage Chair in India.
Reflects a classy look with too many features.
Comes with 12 months warranty (further expandable)


Somewhat, stiff posture towards the waist portion to the leg portions.

4. 4beauty Body Massage Electric Chair

4beauty Body Massage Electric Chair

We all have heard of a phrase that goes like “Simplicity always wins the heart.”, Well, this brand surprisingly manages to please your eyes by the same and thus leading itself to be an appropriate candidate in the league of the Best massage chair in India.

Its significant look provides various features like zero gravity, heat therapy, and several other features at a moderate price, which is sufficient to make it an appropriate candidate for the title “best massage chair in India.”


Advanced features at a moderate rate that makes it qualified for its place in the list of most eligible candidates for India’s best massage chair.
Reflects Simple and Elegant look.
Can also work as a general relaxing chair.


No warranty period and Not returnable Product.

5. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair

JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair

There’s no way to defy this Product’s usefulness and its entry in one of the most eligible ones to be called ‘best massage chair in India.’ This Product of JSB is full of almost every function that we expect from an ideal massager.

It also includes the feature of 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage along with full customer care support regarding any product related issue. We assure you that this chair will increase your home decor’s value with its ultra-luxurious look and comfort.

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This Product includes every facility that one can ever expect.
Classic look with a fantastic finishing job on its overall layout.
This Product Comes with one-year doorstep delivery and full customer care support from Monday to Saturday between office hours.


It is costly and thus not pocket-friendly comparatively to the other eligible candidates to be called the best massage chair in India.

6. CERAFIT Full Body Pain Relief Massage Chair

CERAFIT Full Body Pain Relief Massage Chair

This Product of CERAFIT is the desirable choice for many. Not only because of its exquisite looks but also because it’s a compact shape which makes it eligible to be in the list of most deserving candidates to be called Best massage chair in India.

This Product will conserve your space along besides reflecting a classic look with providing multi-functionality such as deep muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and many others. Due to its extra health benefits. This Product by CERAFIT is making its way directly towards the candidates tally for “the best massage chair in India.”


Premium Look with Less space-occupying design.
Light weighted and came with a complete one-year warranty.
Best massage chair in India because of its quality back massage.


Comparatively stiffer and little bit lesser features than other such products at the same price range.

Are you already surprised by seeing these amazing chairs? We still got a few more.

7. Robotouch Relaxo Pro Massage Sofa

Robotouch Relaxo Pro Massage

This Product from Robotouch is the most practical choice for the customers while including both pocket-friendliness and Features. This Product is also a liable candidate to be called as the best massage chair in India.

It also comes with one of the ladies’ favorite designs because of its elegant looking color combination and relaxing design with auto-controls and manual control features.

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Includes In-built speakers and comes with two sets of massage mechanisms.
Free product delivery and pocket friendly.
Best massage chair in India in the context of its price range and provided functions.


Dedicated Armrest isn’t provided like other similar products, making it somewhat less comfortable than other related products.

8. Q-Fitness Massage Chair

Q-Fitness Massage Chair

This jumbo Q-Fitness product ensures your comfort from every aspect and thus make its place in the list of eligible candidates for the title “Best massage chair in India.”

This Product comes with a leather fabric finish and full body massaging features, including foot relaxation. It’s White and Brown color combination is a cherry on top. It comes with Heated functionality relief and many other exciting features.

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Best massage chair in India while considering the price range for providing such features.
Rotatable horizontally for a better resting position and can be considered the best chair in India.
Premium look and fast delivery.


Occupies extra space because of its plus comfy size.


It’s not much easy to figure out the most deserving chair for you without having any idea about it. Therefore this list will help you out to select an appropriate chair for yourself based on their functionality, price range, extra features, and many other considerable parameters.

These are the various products from different companies’ across India; One can easily buy any of these chairs by merely making an online order and getting it delivered at home with or without a little delivery charge. Also, all these chairs can be used for formal or commercial purposes as well. Don’t forget to consider other chairs also while choosing your best massage chair in India.

Although all of these products are unique and ideal in their way, electing any single product out of them as a Best Massage chair in India would be an injustice for the others, or let’s say that we have multiple winners for this title. However, we hope that through this article, at least you might have got a rough idea to start with for your search for the best massage chair in India.

Best Massage Chair in India 2022
Best Massage Chair in India 2022

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