7 Best Freezer In India 2021

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2021)

Summer has already knocked on our doors. In this scorching hot weather freezer, you must have to keep yourself cool and calm.

The freezer also helps to maintain the freshness and allows us a place to fortify our foods. 

Are you looking for the Best Freezer In India?

Do you think you need to give it a second thought as you are unsure what to buy and which freezer will be best for you and your family?

Yes, selecting the best freezer can be a daunting task, especially in a vast market where there are loads of varieties of the freezer.

There are high chances of you getting confused and choose the wrong product. 

Well, this is something that you don’t want to neglect. So there is nothing to worry about.

If you are trying to avail yourself of the right freezer, you have come to the right place. We are here to help by all possible means.

If you read this review further, you will get to know the top varieties of the freezer and all the possible specifications of the varieties.

Apart from that, you will also know what you should keep in mind while choosing the freezer. We are here to guide you so that you can make the best decision for your home and shop. 

Top 7 Best Freezer In India 2021

1. Blue Star CHF200 Freezer

Type: Deep Freezer & Chest Freezer
Capacity: 192
Technology: Cutting-Edge
Stainless Steel
Form Factor: Single Door
Special Feature: Polyurethane foam insulation (PUF) Insulation
Dimensions: 95 x 56.4 x 84.5 cm
1 Year

Blue Star CHF200 Freezer is a brilliant product with a capacity of 192 Litres. This product needs no further installation and comes in a ready-to-use form.

You can get a robust construction that will allow you to perform heavy-duty usage. Furthermore, it has a lock and key security system to make you less worried when you are out of your house.

It has an 18 Deg C temperature capacity. You can easily move this freezer as it also has wheels attached to it.

As the outer surface is covered with a zinc coating, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and rusting of the product.

The compressor is quite energy-efficient, which indeed is a huge plus point. Whether it’s a power cut or an extremely hot day, the high-density PUF foaming material will help lock the coldness.


  • Energy-Efficient Compressor
  • High-Density PUF Insulation
  • Recessed Handles
  • Corrosion-Resistant Body


  • Faulty Customer Service

2. Haier HCC225G Freezer

Type: Hard Top Deep Freezer
Capacity: 225
Technology: Molecular Foaming
Stainless Steel
Form Factor: Single Door
Special Feature: Anti Bacterial Gasket
Dimensions: 99.5 x 92 x 59.5 cm
1 Year on Product & 3 Years on Compressor

Haier HCC225G Freezer saves up to 40% of energy and helps you by giving low bills. This has a unique three-layered trapezoid door that resists leaking and helps to keep the food fresh, and maintains the temperature.

This has a beautiful design that can give your modular kitchen a new style. It does not depend on stabilizers as it has a voltage range from 160-260v.

As it has a space-saving design, there is no need to worry about placing the appliance in your kitchen or business shop.

Haier has thought well about the health because the rubber gasket lining the lid has an anti-bacterial coating.

Hence, no matter what, no microbe will be able to thrive under such conditions. Also, as the refrigerant being used here is a hydrocarbon, the freezer is eco-friendly.


  • Molecular Foaming Technology
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Antibacterial Door
  • Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
  • 203 Litres Capacity


  • Wrong product delivery

3. Godrej DH EPenta 325C 31 CMFH2LM Rw

Type: Deep Freezer
Capacity: 300
Technology: Pentacool Technology, D-cool technology, ZOP Technology
Form Factor: Double Door
Special Feature: Anti-bacterial gasket, Bright LED light
Dimensions: 82.6 x 101 x 85.9 cm
1 Year on Product, 5 Years on Compressor

This is a value-for-money product and provides a lot of facility to the user. It has a deep freezer with convertible technology with a capacity of 300 liters.

It is a great product and a high-efficient energy saver with only 591.3 Kilowatt Hours. This freezer comes with a tropicalized compressor for easy access.

It has long durability as it is made up of toughened wire. Furthermore, it also has Penta-cool technology, D- cool technology, ZOP Technology, and many more that make it stand out of the box.

Penta cool technology is all about cooling the contents from all five sides, while the D-shaped cooling coil will increase the surface area for the generation of cold convection airs.

As the body has thick PUF foam insulation, there will be no heat energy gain within the freezer chamber.


  • Anti Bacterial gasket
  • Power Saving Technology
  • Thick PUF insulation
  • Bright LED light
  • Interiors of Stucco Aluminium


  • Poor Quality Service

4. Panasonic SCR-CH200H1B Freezer

Type: Deep Freezer
Capacity: 290
Technology: Panasonic’s Japanese
Form Factor: Single Door
Special Feature: 75mm PUF Insulation & Lock & Key Arrangement
Dimensions: 67 x 111.5 x 85 cm
1 Year on Product and 2 Years on Compressor

This is a beautifully designed freezer that has made cooling meet to a different extent. These are very brilliant products for storing and keeping food fresh.

It has a capacity of 150L. This is also built with PUF Insulation that helps to keep the inside cool for up to 15 hours of power failure.

You can also get wheels for easy movement. This has a corrosion-proof layer so that it can be safe and beautiful.

One can easily adjust the temperature from 10 degrees Celsius to -22 degrees Celsius, making the product one of the best in the Indian market.

If you are concerned about storing and organizing the vegetables and other materials inside, do not worry any further. There is an upper storage basket which will help in keeping everything sorted.


  • Upper Storage Basket
  • High Energy Efficient Compressor
  • Lock and Key facility


  • Faulty Performance

5. Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer

Type: Deep Freezer
Capacity: 320
Technology: NA
UV Grade plastic 
Form Factor: Double Door
Special Feature: CFC free insulation & Castor wheels for easy movement
Dimensions: 88 x 124 x 74 cm

A Double door freezer makes it more convenient to use. These are very affordable products that have a beautiful aesthetic look.

You can easily store all your belongings in a sorted manner in different chambers. These are great freezers that do not help you keep your food fresh and healthy but also save you from high electric bills.

These are High-Energy efficient freezers that allow 230 V/50 Hz. It has temperature regulation with <-18 Deg C.

The PUF insulation layer is very thick, preventing the exchange of heat energy, even during power coats. Hence, your products kept inside the freezer will remain safe without any spoilage.

Also, as the external layer is coated with white zinc paint, you won’t have to deal with a corroded product body with lessened durability and lifetime.


  • Stucco Aluminium Inner for Hygiene
  • UV Grade Plastic Material
  • Environment Friendly
  • CFC Free Insulation
  • Wheels for easy movement


  • Bad Quality wheels

6. Rockwell GFR550DDUC Freezer

Type: Deep Freezer
Capacity: 523
Technology: NA
Galvanised Steel sheets(Corrosion Resistant)
Form Factor: Double Door
Special Feature: Act as Freezer and Cooler, Lockable Lid
Dimensions: 73.5 x 172 x 90 cm;
10 year warranty on body , 5 year warranty on compressor

These are huge freezers with 2 in one Convertible technology. These are very beneficial as it consumes about less than 53% of power which can help you in many ways.

This has supper cooling technology and also helps to keep your food fresh. You can store anything you want in this freezer.

It can work as a cooler or a freezer also. These are corrosion-resistant PPGI bodies that can help in the long durability of the freezer.

As the freezer is made based on Green technology, the power consumption is quite less.

Also, the 90mm PUF layer will reduce the heat exchange, thereby putting less pressure on the compressor for maintaining the temperature.

You can even adjust the freezer temperature manually at your convenience.


  • 3 SIDE Air Circulation Design
  • Lid locking system
  • Noise Free freezer
  • 90 mm PUF insulation
  • 360 D rotation technique


  • NA

7. Blue Star CHF 100

Type: Deep Freezer
Capacity: 95
Technology: NA
Stainless Steel
Form Factor: Single Door
Special Feature: Corrosion-resistant body, Lockable Doors & PUF Insulation
Dimensions: 57.4 x 56.4 x 84.5 cm
1 Year

An amazing product is the Blue Star CHF 100 with 95 liters of capacity. These freezers are really good and also have security locks.

This can save your money a lot as it consumes very little power 0f 4-5 units. This has wheels attached to it for easy mobility.

These are inbuilt with corrosion-resistant material that allows the product to live a long life and have handles that make it easy to use.

The PUF layer is quite thick, which will ensure that the temperature remains constant within the freezer.

This will further put less pressure on the compression., thereby ensuring less electric power consumption. Your foods and drinks will stay fresh, and there will be no need to defrost them when power is off.


  • Lockable doors
  • Castor wheels
  • High-Density PUF Insulation


  • Irresponsible delivery service

Things To Consider Before Buying Freezer

Don’t you think that before going straight to the best varieties of the freezer, you should know the guidelines for buying a freezer?

Indeed you will need the guide, and that is why we are here to explain to you!

  1. Size
    Size and Capacity is the most important thing to keep in mind. Does your freezer have the capacity to hold everything that you want to store? You will not want to buy a freezer that can’t store all your food.
    And also, you have to check whether the freezer does not consume most of the space. It should have a proper size that will fit in your shop in a proper way.
  2. Affordability
    Planning your budget is very important before buying. You should have a proper budget and should also compare the long-term costs that you might face. Upholding models with great features can be costly, but they are valued for money as you get more convenience while using the upgraded models.
  3. Power Usage
    The freezer is something that needs to work 24/7 to perform its duty. So it would help if you bought a freezer after looking at the energy star that reduces the amount of energy consumed by the freezer.
  4. Temperature Control
    The FDA says that it is better to keep your freezer at 0° F (-18° C). This is a must noticeable factor. Most of today’s freeze is designed to accrue this amount of temperature, but it can get imbalanced based on where you are keeping it.
  5. Level of organization
    No one loves a messy freezer. In this case, you can opt for chest freezers as they are much easier to access than any other type of freezer. In the chest freezer, you can keep everything organized.
  6. Uproar Level
    Noise is a common factor in terms of the freezer. But the new generation upright freezer makes a lot less sound, and also the manual defrost freezer makes quite less sound than the self defrosts freezer.
  7. Performing Capacity
    Now the question might arise in your mind. Is this freezer performs in a good way? To assure the performing capacity, you should check the blackout performance that defines how long your freezer will keep your items cold.
  8. Self-Defrost or Manual
    Self Defrosting is fun but a little bit costly though it has high chances of burning the freezer, whereas manual freezer is time-consuming and contains a lot of pressure but is highly efficient and also allows your freezer to save energy.
  9. Warranty and After-sale Service
    You should check the warranty period of the product you are buying and should negotiate with this matter. It would help if you also looked for after-sale services in your country to avail the best service.
  10. Additional Features
    10.1. Freezer Lock technology – You should check whether you can lock your freezer, giving you more reliability.
    10.2. Soft Freezer – Soft Freezer helps you store your ice cream in a much convenient way.
    10.3. Dial Thermostat – This is very important in the freezer. It controls the temperature accordingly and informs you about the temperature. 
  11. Customer Reviews
    Before buying anything, you should check the customer reviews as by checking it, you can get an idea of how that freezer has served others.


Freezers are the must-have in everyone’s life. All need a freezer to store various items. In this article, you get to know about the best freezers, and now you can decide to avail yourself of the best one that suits all your requirements. If you still have doubts, then you can check out the internet platform.


  1. Which food item stores well in the freezer?

    You can store everything in a freezer, from dairy products to vegetables. Meat is something that you should keep inside the freezer. The lists of products are:
    1. Nuts, beans, and grains
    2. Raw and cooked meats, including seafood
    3. Cooked meals
    4. Raw products
    5. Tofu, and Tempeh

  2. How long does food last in the freezer without power?

    Usually, foods can stay fresh and cool for 48-hours with power on. In some freezers though, the time limit might be an exception based on the cooling technology.

    As for without power, the food will last up to twenty-four hours with the doors open. If you are keeping the doors closed, on the other hand, the food will stay more than 24-hours.

  3. Can food go bad in the freezer?

    When power is on, the refrigerant liquid will constantly maintain the temperature inside. As a result, the insides will be way colder than the outside environment.

    It is due to this coldness that fungi or mold can’t thrive inside properly functioning freezers. Be it a cooked dish or canned foods, it will stay good and edible as long as the temperature is cold. However, for packaged or canned foods, so check the expiry date. 

  4. How to defrost a deep freezer?

    Defrosting a deep freezer includes several steps that are:
    1. Power cutting
    2. Making the freezer nice and empty.
    3. Placing a frozen ice tray of food for a short time span.
    4. 15 minutes of waiting
    5. Take out the ice from the walls
    6. Remove the remaining ice before it melts.

  5. Do freezers use a lot of electricity?

    Older freezers use over 100% more energy than newer technology Energy Star rated freezers. A high defined freezer normally consumes between 30 and 100 watts of power. This consumption totally depends on the size, and efficiency of the freezer. It is not a good idea to buy an old model of the freezer.

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