Best Food Processor in India 2021

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

This article will help you out to choose the best food processor in India. We can understand how hectic it is to go through every suggested item on the internet or any search engine.

Here we will shortlist some of the most eligible devices for the title of the best food processor in India. Nevertheless, This article will also include the Best Food Processor with every such product’s pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Also, don’t miss the important parameters of such products like durability, warranty period, material quality, features, product color, finish, etc.

These factors play an important role after purchasing the product. Thus, choose wisely and make sure to go through this entire article to understand better the best food processor in India and its feature in detail.

Top 10 Best Food Processor in India 2021

1. Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

This product by Wonderchef is the best food processor in India as it comes with a dual-speed manual and comes with a powerful chopper and has nine different combinations available for its users.

At the same time, this is not an ordinary food processor. It has a unique color combination of transparent white and black with an interior chopper covering a green color portion.

It also has one whip blade and comes with a complete warranty period of 1 year and return policy within ten days.


Perfect look with unique design and color combination.
Multi-functional product and best food processor in India.
1-year warranty period with durable material.


Only pre-paid orders are available for this best food processor in India, which too takes longer than normal delivery time.

2. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor

You are lucky to have this best food processor in India at your home or workplace, as this set of devices is one of the most all-rounders that are available in the market.

However, It manages to produce the power range of around 1000 Watt and comes with 13 different accessories, which, while summing up, accounts for a high range.

One can easily find this set of products by Usha on various online platforms. The product looks fantastic and gives a premium look to the user.


13 different accessories in a single set of this best food processor in India.
Perfect design and a huge warranty period of complete 5-years.
Unique design and a perfect matt finish and inviting look.


You have to purchase all the 13 accessories for this best food processor in India. You won’t be having any choice to buy any selective accessories from it.

3. Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor

This device is one of the most popular devices amongst the other products for the title of the best food processor in India. As it almost fits completely on every market demand.

It comes in black color and a perfect match for any kitchen decor or workplace. It even has a durable material and comes with a warranty period of 2-years by the Company.

However, the price range is quite expensive for a single product over the other best food processor in India.


Unique design and perfect color
Marking available on the glass portion and popular in the market.
2-year of the entire warranty period by the Company.


Little expensive and lesser power generation than the other best food processors in India.

4. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor

Bajaj’s elegant looking food processing unit is famous for commercial use because of its power generation capacity and a huge warranty period of 5-years.

While it always reflects an inviting look for its admires and comes with a three-speed control and pulse is functioning feature.


Entire 5-year warranty period by the Company for this best food processor in India.
Elegant look and perfect design
Durable material and famous for commercial use


Expensive price range over other best food processors in India.

5. Inalsa Food Processor

This Inalsa product comes with a fully loaded accessories set of around 10+ different accessories with a high power generating capacity and a transparent look.

The Company also provides a 10-day easy return policy with this best food processor in India. However, the most effective part of this device is its simple look and amazing sub-parts, making it a unique product.


Complete warranty period of 5-years by the Company
Multiple accessories available with this product
Transparent and unique design.


You can’t buy any single accessory out of the entire set per your need in this best food processor in India.

6. Morphy Richards Icon Dlx 1000-Watt Food Processor

This product is the best food processor in India because of its shiny polishing and most affordable price range for these large accessories that come with it.

The Company also provides an additional warranty period by taking some extra charges on this product. This product by Morphy Richards is very famous for its immense power generating capacity and high capacity for food processing in a single go.


Additional warranty period available with a nominal charge
Most affordable price range.
Exquisite design and transparent look.


Better for Commercial use, not so good option for regular kitchen use.

7. Kiddale 5in1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor

Most compact device for home use and multi-functional operability. It comes with extra loaded features and an affordable range of prices.

The functionality of this product is that it is very easy to use and without any complexity. The design is so flexible to use and comes with a unique device. Also, the parts are easily available in the market.


Compact design and unique color combination.
Warranty period of 1-year.
Multi-functional features and durable design.


Little extra price with lesser processing

8. Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800-Watt Food Processor

This best food processor in India by Bosch brand is completely made up of BSA free plastic material and has the most premium looking design and an amazing blender with a 1-liter capacity.

However, this product is widely known for cafe use because of its moderate or decent price range and multi-accessories availability. It’s an affordable product and durable as well. At the same time, the Company doesn’t provide any warranty period for this product.


Most amazing design and a nice market value
Durable material and multi-functional.
Lots of adjacent accessories


No warranty period for this best food processor in India.

9. Singer Foodista Plus 600 Watts Food Processor

If you’re searching for the best food processor in India with the perfect use for personal kitchen purposes, then this product by Singer brand will not disappoint you.

This product is the best processor for food available in the market for personal use with more than enough power generating capacity and durable material with a warranty period over two years by the Company and five years warranty period for the motor.


Amazing warranty period of 2 years and five years on motor.
Perfect food processor in India product for personal use.
Most affordable food processors in India.


Doesn’t have that many features and accessories.

10. Maggi RIO All in 13G Food Processor

Maggi’s product is perfect if you’re still willing to use your existing mixer grinder, as this best food processor in India has the design in such a way that it can be easily fittable for their current mixture grinder.

This product comes with six months of the warranty period and ten days easy return policy.


Easy to use and fittable on any existing mixture or grinder.
Affordable price range and durable material.
Six months of the warranty period and ten days of the easy return policy.


Doesn’t come with multi-functional features and extra accessories on this best food processor in India.


We believe that you must be having a clear image in your mind about your best food processor in India, which you find appropriate for your personal use. You may find some of the products on the list, which is even good for commercial use.

These products for the best food processor in India are multi-functional and come with different color-range and enabled features. It’s completely up to you to decide to buy which product out of these above-short-listed products.

No matter which product you choose, do ensure and get acknowledged about the Company’s policies and after-sales services so that you don’t have to regret your decisions after making the final purchase.

It’s even fine if you consider any other product out of this list as your best food processor in India, but don’t forget to judge the product on the parameters mentioned above.

Decide your priority of use by this best food processor in India and then start shortlisting further such products to choose your best food processor in India easily. That’s it for this article. We hope that you liked it. Thank you for the precious time that you have invested in reading this article entirely. Happy Shopping.

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