Best Food Processor Brand in India 2021

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

We all need different kinds of kitchen appliances to make a perfect meal. Chopping is one of the difficult tasks which women may not like to do. Thus, the food processor is the best option for them. Best food processing is the thing which makes our cooking process more comfortable.

We can save our time in puree soups, knead the dough, grinding chopping, and others. In simple words, we can say that the food processor performs a most significant role in pre-food making. This makes the work more comfortable for Indian women. It is easy to clean, but you need to care about its blade.

For buying the Best food processor brand in India, you need to keep a few things in mind: Size, Attachment, and Motor power. There are different sizes of the food processor, but it depends on you which size is suitable for your kitchen. It is your responsibility to check the attachment which is provided by the brand.

As the power of motos is high, it consumes more electricity. Try to buy the food processor which consumes less electricity. A Multifunction processor also saves time, which helps you have a good time with friends and family.

In the Indian market, you can easily find the best food processor, but for this, you need to know about its brand. Several kinds of brands are available, so you need to research the best one and then decide. You will get all the information about the 10 Best food processor brands in India in this context. Here these are:

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Top 10 Best Food Processor Brand in India

1. Bajaj

Bajaj electrical is giving its best from the last 50 years as it is a trendy brand, so this product’s demand is also high. They are very popular due to the quality which they provide. The prices of their products are affordable.

The motor is 600 watts and has two years of warranty on the product and five years of warranty on the motor. It has stainless steel with high-grade material. The food processor is multi-functional.


Best food processor for making juice.
For making chapatis, you can efficiently knead atta.
Make work easy as well as save lots of time.


It makes a loud noise.
The plastic can be easily breakable.
The size of the motor is small.

2. Inalsa

The Food processor can do all the work except cooking; so, we can say that it can be the best appliance for women by saving time. The chopping blade helps in cutting the vegetable nicely.

Kneader blade makes sure that it is the master of the kitchen, and there is no need to do struggle in kneading the dough for chapati with hands. The perfect shape and size of french fries will make mouth-watering starters.


Six hundred fifty watts of motor saves more electricity.
It may not make a loud sound.
The design is very classy.


There is less possibility of preparing juice for hard vegetables or fruits.
The dishwasher is not safe.


The Best food processor brand in India is Philips because it provides the best quality. The food processor may not work until you may not assemble it in the right manner. It can do a variety of jobs to make cooking easy.

Seven hundred watts motors have all-round performance. The speed ensures that maximum control. It can easily make the juice of hard vegetables or fruits.


The food processor technology gives a better experience.
This processor saves power.
It has a safe appliance at work.


It is not good at grating coconut.

4. Singer

The food processor brand in India is not yet widespread in the kitchen field. The performance of this food processor can win the heart of the consumer. The blades of this food processor are stainless steel.

There is a filter of fruit juice also attached. Moreover, it has safety locks that make it more convenient. The motor is 600 watts that saves lots of power.


The prices of the food processor are affordable.
2-liter of food processing bowl.
It is a silent operation as compared to others.


There is no overload protection.

5. Morphy Richards

The Morphy Richards is a multifunction food processor in India. It comes with a 3-speed setting; it means you can control speed as per the requirement. The food processor is for mixing, grinding, and juicing.

This brand is newly introduced in India but widely accepted by consumers. Moreover, it comes with a child safety lock, which makes it unique.


The blades are extra long for efficient grinding.
Stainless steel blades are long-lasting.
It has a technically advanced food processor for many operations.


Consumes high power.

6. Wonderchef

It is a manual food processor that can do an adequate job. The Wonderchef is the best food processor in India because it comes with two systems: one is for power, and another is for speed.

The blades are very sharp, which means we can complete the chopping quickly. It comes with something new, which is ice crushing.


It is a manual, so it does not consume electricity.
Easy to use.
It has high efficiency due to dual-gear.


The manual operation makes limited efficiency.

7. Usha

Usha food processor brand in India performs 12 different jobs. The copper motor gives us effortless power. Here, we can control the speed through setting.

The premium black SS gives a classy look to its processor. It required 220-240 volts for operation. It is also a famous brand so that one can trust its quality. Most of the time it takes less electricity.


The blade is broad and comes with a blade cover.
The food processor has different jars with different perks.
Good quality with less noise.


The blade is difficult to wash.

8. Prestige

The food processor is one of the best helpers for cooking. It comes with multi-purpose performance. The quality of the motor is good at 1000 watts. The design is attractive and stylish, so one can buy it for making the kitchen more classy. Prestige food processor’s blades are crafted to make the work easy.


It can be easy to use.
The durability of the product is outstanding.
The sales services are excellent.


It vibrates too much.

9. Preethi

Preethi is the best brand in India as well as abroad. More than 10 million customers are using this food processor. It is the oldest brand of a food processor. We can say that this is a well-known brand for food processors and mixers.

The power motor can grind the toughest ingredients within a few minutes. It can be suitable in high-speed settings. It takes only 2 minutes to grind the turmeric so that you can estimate its speed.


One of the fastest food processor
It has overloaded protection.
The dishwasher is safe.


Not suitable for all kinds of juice extraction.

10. Panasonic

The Panasonic is also the best food processor brand in India. The design of this product is designed with a sturdy body that looks awesome in the kitchen. It takes 550 watts of intensity. The 3-speed option ensures for controlling.

It is one of the popular products which is used all over the world. The food processor is a multi-task performer so that one can use it for a different purpose. The locking system is very safe for children.


Double locking system for security,
Quality material is used.
The dishwasher is safe.


The cuts may be caused by a stainless steel blade.


So these are the best food processor brands in India. Through the above content, you will get all the information about the food processor. We have seen lots of people who may not get the perfect food processor due to low-quality products.

But now there is no need to worry, and you will get some central aspect of this. Moreover, before buying any product, you need to do proper research and then decide to buy it. If you are thinking about the price, though this aspect, you can find the best food processor brand as per the budget.

A food processor can be a good friend of yours in the kitchen. It will work as your assistant without any complaints. Moreover, in this aspect, you will get the pros and cons of a particular brand that means you have a good option for selecting the best one.

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