Best Ergonomic Office Chair in India 2022

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2022)

Are you the one who is suffering from backache because of sitting all day during work? Are you looking for something, which can give you support and comfort?

If there is something like this, don’t worry because we are here to comfort you. In case you are using regular chairs, the chairs’ designs do not provide proper support to an individual.

The daily office chairs will not comfort and provide support to your back, hips, neck, and legs. These improper designs of regular chairs will bring soreness, pain, and aches.

If the person will choose a properly designed best office chair, it helps keep the proper posture of the body. The perfect office chair will support and comfort the back and head.

The position of the spinal cord will also stay in a proper posture with a suitable chair. On the best ergonomic Chair in India, you can sit for long hours without being hurt.

The chairs will help provide perfect posture and help at maintaining your health as well. When you are going to buy the best ergonomic office chairs in India, the essential thing is that; there are plenty of options available.

If we talk about the best chair, all are competitive. So, you need to find out the best ergonomic chair for you.

To look for the best ergonomic office chair, you must look for the options. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to describe the top-notch ten best ergonomic office chairs.

You can go through the entire description of all the office chairs to determine which one is the right best ergonomic office chair to pick for your needs, requirements, and working hours.  

So let us get started:-

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chair in India 2022

1. SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs MB Delta Umbrella Base Office Chair

SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs MB Delta Umbrella Base Office Chair

Only the Apex industries Cloudtail is the platform from where one can buy the Best Ergonomic chair. These both are the only real sellers of it. If anyone is offering the chairs, don’t trust those fake sellers. They are just making counterfeit chairs on the name of Apex, nothing else.

The dimensions are: Length 22 inches, width 24 inches, and height are 35-40 inches.

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Warranty period: Every buyer wants a warranty when they are buying something. No one does not want to secure their payment by purchasing the best ergonomic office chair.

There is no doubt; the ergonomic office chairs are high with their capacity and features. Even the office chairs can handle around 100kgs weight on it. But still, the warranty is essential if you are paying Rs.4000 on buying an ergonomic office chair.

The Apex ergonomic office chair is offering a 12 months warranty period to its customers. If in case, any manufacturing damage or breakage happens, the ergonomic office chair can be repaid quickly without being charged. In some instances, if any severe damage will occur, then you can get the whole office chair replaced even.

Material: When you will buy the ergonomic office chair, it is essential to check out what content the office chair is made. The ergonomic co-polymer office chair consists of black contoured mesh back, robust plastic armrest, massive duty plastic, pneumatic 5 inches seat height adjustment, and 2 inches thick padded seat.

The material used to make the ergonomic office chair is a good one to make a person sit over it for long hours. The color of this office chair is black, with a few silver parts of it.

If you buy the office chair online, you will get it un-assembled. You need to assemble the office chair yourself with the toolkit. Don’t worry about the toolkit. You will get the toolbox and instructions of gathering in the box of the best ergonomic office chair.

2. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back

It is a mid-back ergonomic office chair with a color of brown PU upholstery or faux leather on the seat and back seat, though. The ergonomic office chair’s position is adjusted with proper height padded, and control is in the form of tilt.

Nylon, a very delicate fabric, covers up the upholster pads so that it brings comfort. The best thing is that it can provide a one year warranty. You will straightforwardly get the warranty. To reach customer service, you only need to contact the number 1800-419-0416, it remains available for all six days except Sunday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, national holidays only are exempted.

This Best Ergonomic office chair belongs to those people who are always working while sitting in the chair. This ergonomic office chair is easily usable, and it is not expensive enough. You can easily afford this best ergonomic office chair, and it is easily accessible.

But there is a procedure while purchasing this ergonomic office chair since it is only as well as exclusively available in online Amazon. You need to prove your identification like you need to scan your voter Identification, Aadhar Card, and give it to Amazon to purchase this office chair as soon as possible.

Product details- The ergonomic office chair in India is the heaviest; it carries 12 kg. It contains a unique dimension, like 61×61.5×59.4 cm. As it is a massive office chair, the delivery boy needs an extra charge for carrying this Best Ergonomic office chair, which is not included in the standard delivery charge, excluded from the regular delivery charge. It is a weakness while buying or purchasing this best ergonomic office chair.


This best ergonomic office Chair in India is easily transferable and easy to manage while you are trying to sit.


The availability of the best ergonomic office chair is very rigid even in Amazon since, during this lockdown, as delivery men are not working, since the time of lockdown.

3. CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Office Chair


The CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Best Ergonomic office chair in India is one of the most comfortable chairs among all the options. Your desk will look perfect with this best ergonomic chair in India. If you are working at home, then you must consider this the best ergonomic office chair.

This best ergonomic office chair will make your look completely official, which will even help raise the room’s dignity. It has the support of a sturdy metal chrome base. The back of the best ergonomic office chair in India can tilt from 1050 to 1200.

This ergonomic office chair’s tilt function in India makes it comfortable for the person to sit for long hours. The coolest part about this Best Ergonomic office chair is that you can modify it according to your personal preferences.

The armrest of the CELLBELL C53 High Back gaming best ergonomic Office Chair is such a great feature in it. You can find many varieties in the market for chairs, which looks good but have you checked the armrests of it. The armrests of the chair must be a good one to relax well while sitting.

The best part about this best ergonomic office chair is that the armrests are designed to comfort and relax, and he can feel good.

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When we have the best ergonomic office chair, we need to clean it as well. This best ergonomic chair in India is best at cleaning due to its smooth and supple leather covered on the seat. The cover consists of a cushion, which is enough better for back support and comfort.

You will be provided a tilt lock at the downside of the best ergonomic office chair. With the help of the tilt lock, you can easily manage the height of the chair. It is easily adjustable, and one can adjust the height of the ergonomic office chair in India according to the requirements


The user himself does installation. Don’t worry about the installation; you will be given a toolkit with a manual for the instructions. With the manual’s appropriate tools and help, you can quickly assemble the parts and make it correctly.
It has high back support, which makes the person sit over it for long very quickly. The upper back makes the chair very comfortable to sit, making the person feel no pain. The person can sit over it for an extended period without being disturbed and uncomfortable.
Those who are taller and more substantial, it is a perfect match for the Best Ergonomic chair in India for them. The taller and heavier people can sit over a chair in India very comfortably without aches in their back and spinal cord.


It is not sturdy. It shakes when the person sits over it.
It has sharp edges of the chair, which can bring scratches on legs and elbows.
It does not give you 900angels. It provides higher angels, which may cause improper body posture while working.

4. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Office Chair

beAAtho JS-2

Are you looking for perfect comfort while working, but you are not getting the same due to the improper office chair; then don’t worry. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Office chair in India is the crucial solution for perfect comfort.

Who is seeking an ideal solution; this is the one should pick without any hesitation. The padded cushions are easy to clean. If someone does not want to have a black chair, it is available in brown color.

Brown color also looks luxurious and classy, which helps improve your room’s appearance and bring the official environment over there—the chair in India is designed to keep in mind the durability and its premium quality. No one will deny buying it once they use the Best Ergonomic chair in India.

If you have long hours working duration, this is a perfect pick best ergonomic chair in India. One should buy the chair for sure; if they are looking for the option to sit for long. The chair in India is with the upholstery material, which makes the chair durable.

You won’t regret it at all, because it is best at its features and durability. The chair will run for long, and you do not need to buy a new chair at all for longer years if you have this one.

The chair built on a sturdy wooden frame. Plus, the incredibly designed hand rest makes the person relax appropriately on the chair while working. The hand rest does not only relax the hands but also relaxes the entire body too.

beAAtho is concerned with people’s health and well-being, so they kept a lot of safety and relaxing measures in the chair, making it one of the best options to pick in all the ergonomic chairs.

Moreover, beAAtho works with professionally progressively trained manufacturers skilled at manufacturing the most comfortable ergonomic chair. The company is even in partnership with exclusive and best chair designers.

The select designers keep every comfort and relaxing property in their mind, and make the best Best Ergonomic chair in India for the users. The individual will be able to relax very much, and the body’s posture also gets adequately maintained for sure.

The user will achieve the best position while sitting on the chair, making it a good one for the person’s body. The beAAtho has made extraordinarily encouraging and supportive chair.

If you want to know about all the chairs of beAAtho, you can check out officially over Google. Google will let you know for all the final designs by beAAtho. Plus, you can check out the plans over Amazon, also with the price.


The chair comes up with its toolkit and manual for instructing you for the installation. You can use the tools and manuals so that you can fix them up appropriately.
Good quality material used to make the chair.
If you need to sit on the chair for a long duration in your office or stay at night sometimes also for work, then this is the one for you. It is very comfortable, on which you can sit for long without being hard and uncomfortable.
The wheels are highly movable. There are many chairs with wheels that do not move properly, but this is a good one. The chair is good at running, as the wheels are good enough to move wherever you want to.
The chair is value to the money, and no user can deny it.


There is no tilt option provided to change the angles of the back of the chair. It is a con only for this chair. Only height can be adjusted, not the end.

5. SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Apollo Chrome Base High Back Office Chair


SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Apollo Chrome Base High Back Office Chair is an excellent choice for those who need to stay at the office for long hours. The first thing you need to keep in mind for APEX chairs is that only APEX and Cloudtail sell chairs in India.

If any other company or an individual is promising you to provide the Best Ergonomic chair in India or anyone who is claiming to offer you the same chair from someone, do not try to trust that ever. The chair is only available at APEX and Cloudtail; else, no other will provide the same.

The chair tested for 125kgs on it. So make sure not to put more than 125 kg weight. Below 125, it is way too comfortable to sit over the chair; there is no issue in that. The chair is well designed in its looks and in its features too. The chair is good to purchase, as it is worth your money.

It is not only better at its appearance but also worth it because of its performance. The way it looks will never go out of trend. The chair’s appearance is neat, classy, and sober & straightforward, which motivates one to buy it accordingly always


The material used to make the chair is well and good. It is a good selection due to its durability.
It is an excellent choice under 5k with headrest.
The headrest is adjustable as well as resistant too.


The parts of the chair are not of good quality.

6. APEX Chairs MARCOZY Star Base Medium Back Office Chair


The Apex Marcozy star base office chair AM-5025CB is the most comfortable and cozy seating option when you tend to work for a longer time. The putting fit design and sleek appearance make it better in terms of performance as well as looks.

It provides a professional feel to your desk and helps you work efficiently. The 2inch long padded seat is responsible for your comfort, and the lumbar support enables you to adjust as per your back requirements. The seat height is 5inch which is optimum for people from every size and age.

The chair is good to carry a maximum of 100 Kg weight, which is quite best in class and optimum for the use. The chair is most suitable for offices but if you need to work at home then also this chair can be the best option for you.

The chair provides you ease in adjustments as it comes with one-touch size adjustment and one-touch tilt adjustment. Your body gets a satisfactory level of satisfaction regarding comfortability as its heavy-duty swivel mechanism, which comes with tension control.

The tension control helps your chair to adjust and control the slosh. The chair lift is from a class 4 gas lift that is more durable and gives your chair a long life. The armrests are also comfortable and durable as it is made from heavy plastic—the armrests are designed to give your hands a perfect time to relax quickly.

The best part of the chair is that it’s Ergonomic Co-Polymer lets the chair get cleaned easily as the material is dust repellant. You need not worry about cleaning the Best Ergonomic chair in India again and again.

Because of the dual-wheel nylon casters, we can get a smooth movement in most of the surfaces, and the high quality of the material ensures your exterior does not get any scratch or damage.

The 6-inch cushion used in the Best Ergonomic chair is best because it is not used in most chairs and provides a comfortable level that other chairs cannot afford.


The chair comes with a sleek design that takes less space and provides the best professional touch to your work station.
Its one-touch height and tilt adjustment let you enjoy the ease of working.
The chair comes as semi-installed to you with a toolkit. You can assemble it by yourself with the help of a manual in which the installation’s picture presentation is mentioned.
The cushion size is best for your comfort, and the lumbar support helps your back support.
The lifts are reliable as they come with class 4 gas lift.


The durability of the cushion cover is not much.
The chair looks heavy, but when you pick it up, it feels a little lightweight.
The rollers under the chair image are made from suitable quality plastic, but they are not durable because of their design.

7. Green Soul York High Back Mesh Office Chair

Green Soul York

If you work for long hours, buy this Best Ergonomic chair in India. In the modern lifestyle, we work for a long time sitting in front of a laptop. In such a situation, keeping the waist straight is a big challenge.

The way we sit affects our health a lot. In such a case, you should buy this office chair from Amazon, the online marketplace. This chair is capable of bearing a weight of up to 102 kg.

You can also adjust your arm in this chair. There are many options to customize the chair according to your need. It comes with breathable mesh material, which keeps you fresh by allowing air to circulate when sitting in a relaxing manner.

It has an adjustable armrest, headrest, and lumbar support. The quality of the chair is excellent. The most important thing about this chair is comfort and easy assembling. The quality of plastic used can be improved, and the way primary assembling does need to be adjusted.

The dimension of the product is length (67 cm), width (67cm), and height (122 cm). It requires very little assembly, and an assembler guide also comes with it. This chair has also passed several tests, which makes it best to buy. Installation is straightforward, and the Ergonomics of the Chair is Superb, especially the Lumbar Support is excellent, and that is the main reason to purchase this chair.

Anyone who needs back comfort, especially those with low back pain, should buy this chair; this is a must for daily use at home or office. The Wheels and bottom are sturdy. Like the adjustable armrest, headrest, and hydraulic adjustable seat height, all other features are of good quality.

Moreover, the chair perfectly fits every part of the body, with lower back support, upper back support, and headrest. The softness/bounciness is just fine for long hours of office work.

The controls on the other side are so convenient and smooth to operate. Even there are multiple functionalities as well, which makes this chair more special. Seller also uses premium courier services so your product will reach on time and in good condition as well.

The materials used are high, the chair is sturdy and well built, is super comfortable, and their representatives are friendly and helpful.


Balance is good
Comfortable back cushion
Adjustable headrest and armrest


The seat and the back are fixed together, so you cannot tilt only the end.

8. MBTC Alaska Mesh Office Revolving Desk Chair

MBTC Alaska

Finding the best ergonomic chair is significant for work in an adaptable way & sober but classy. The ergonomic Best Ergonomic chair demand in India has increased due to work from home in this pandemic time. A good chair needed on which you can do your work comfortably.

The plastic molds and synthetic webs are outstanding to use. The chair is quite full to accommodate heavy people as well. The plastic quality and materials used are up to expectations and also finish high.

It’s a perfect chair for an adult with a medium personality. Hand rest width is not much more, whereas it is very easy to assemble. The chair feels premium and is very comfortable.

The wheels are smooth-rolling on the floor in any direction, unlike some chairs where the wheels get stuck. The mesh kind of fabric on the back and the seat is right. Putting forward and lessening the pad’s size is easily feasible with the control that regulates whether the size is compelled to be a rise or down

This managerial chair upholstered in mesh, which furnishes maximum leisure relaxing occurrence. The mid-back layout gives you ultimate lumbar comfort and convenience.

The chair has soft padding and cascade seat edge for a limited burden on the back of your limbs to remain satisfied even when you have to sit down for many hours.

Product dimension is length (22 inches), width (18.5 inches), Resting Height (18 to 23 inches), Overall Height (36 inches). For assembly, you can do it on your own in 2 Minutes, No Tools Required.

The chair was constructed with Heavy-duty Polyplastic and nylon mesh for enormous strength and mobility, more reliable and robust; maximum capacity is 113 Kg. Purchase with assurance! Fulfillment backed by Risk-free 10 Day Return and 6 Months Warranty against any Manufacturing damages.

Admire improved lumbar backing while at your desk with the Amazon Basics Semi-Assembled Office Chair. This adjustable hair is a must-have who toil daily at a computer, due to its comfortability and great design.

Emphasizing a tilt means various adjustments, and structured easing, the AmazonBasics chair gives administrative quality associated with great importance. Use at home or the office for computer work, gaming, and other actions that compel you to crouch for lengthy intervals of time — and give rise to the most extended workday


Very few tools are required to assemble the chair.
Perfect for lower back pain.


Tilt needs improvement.

9. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Big

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair is adjustable with Armrest, 350-Pound Capacity – Black, and Pewter Finish. You will love the size of the chair.

It is far more comfortable than any other office chair, which you have used. The adjustable lumbar support is fantastic. The chair looks fantastic. In terms of rating, you would give it a 5-star rating as you do love it except for 1 issue.

The part of the seating where your “butt bones” sit is not soft enough. Crazy, they make such a fantastic chair and then cheap out on the seat! If the place were more delicate, you would give this a 6-star rating.

The assembly issues mentioned by others quickly get resolved, which is a trick when assembling anything. Do not fix all the screws in one place. Then tighten every part slowly at a time until they are all tight.

Comfortable: This is much more comfortable than regular chairs. There are many such features in it, with which you can adjust it according to your body thickness and length.

Ease of working: This Chair specially designed for office workers. All the features have been given according to this so that you do not have any problem with working.

Neck Relaxation: There is no support for your neck in an ordinary chair, due to which, keeping the neck straight for a long time, causes stiffness and pain. But ergonomic chairs have support for your head and neck, so you do not have any such problem. This feature is most suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the phone.

Back Pain Relaxation: This Chair provides your entire back full support. Low pressure on the hips: The seating portion of the standard chair is so rigid that there is extra pressure on your hips when you sit on it for a long time.

Whereas the ergonomic chair has a thickness of two to four inches, your bones are fully adjusted and do not have much trouble. The doctor says that people should also understand that not only can change the chair to eliminate all problems, but you also have to change your way of sitting and living.

If you sit on This kind of chair in the wrong way, bending your back or bending your shoulders, then obviously you will have to face many problems.

You will Love the size of the chair.

It is far more comfortable than any other office chair, which you have used. The adjustable lumbar support is fantastic. The chair looks fantastic. In terms of rating, you would give it a 5-star rating as you do love it except for 1 issue.

The sitting portion of the chair is not soft enough to provide comfort to the user. Crazy, they make such a fantastic chair and then cheap out on the seat!

If the position were more delicate, you would give a SIX-star rating. The assembly issues mentioned by others quickly resolved, which is to use a trick when assembling anything. Do not tighten the screws until all the screws are in place. Then tighten each one a little at a time until they are all tight.

The weight which the chair can bear is around 220 kg, Dimensions of a chair is 31.1L X 29.53W X 45.47H, chair s seat material Bonded leather. The colors in which chairs are available in Black and Brown and the material used for Base is Metal and nylon. There is the availability of headrest in this chair.


It provides you better comfort.
The chair durability is long-lasting.


One of the significant drawbacks of these kinds of chairs is they have limited color variants.

10. APEX Chairs™ TRAX Medium Back Office Chair


Sitting all day at the chair may be a private part of your job or part of your routine, and if you owe it to yourself to sit in an efficient chair. The wrong chair will cause office injuries, neck or back pain, numbness, carpal tunnel joint, neck or back pain, and herniated. An uncomfortable chair affects your product directly and focuses on your work.

For better health, well-being, and efficiency in worry, choose a comfortable chair specified directly to you, maintain the correct posture, and support your entire body.

Apex Medium Back office chair It is very comfortable. This top-rated chair allows you to adjust everything, including more complicated stuff, like the tension (including the critical lumbar support) and the armrests’ adjustable tilt and wide-angle on the chair. It also supports working in one for when you are leaning forward and another for leaning back and reclining.

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Good comfortable chair. It is easy to assemble. Plastic umbrella base sides are moreover sharp, which are almost cutting if your heels touch it. That is the only thing I didn’t like—otherwise a good buy for the money.

This mid-back office chair supports your spine’s natural curve and protects your lower and middle back as it prompts you to sit straight—lumbar and the back support.

The chair’s backrest must prevent back pain rather than causing it. For that, it must curve with your back. It must also adjust, so you sit forward slightly and don’t slouch.

The right-back support for an office chair also includes a backrest that measures 12-19 inches wide. You may raise the seat height and tilt, move the back and armrests, and adjust the lumbar support. If any part of the chair isn’t adjustable, consider a unique chair.

Office chairs with wheels offer valuable convenience, whether you’re moving around your desk or scooting over to consult with a colleague.

Additionally, many swivel office chairs permit you to pivot in your seat, shifting the direction you’re facing. When you don’t want to move in these ways, you can typically “lock” your position to maintain stability.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: Length is 22 Inches, Width is 24 Inches & Height 35 to 40 Inches.

Primary Material: Ergonomic Co-Polymer chair with black contoured mesh back, Strong Plastic Armrest, Heavy Duty Plastic Umbrella Shape-based Base, Pneumatic 5-inch-seat with height adjustment & 2-inch-thick padded seat for day-long comfort.

This mesh task chair provides exceptional support to the hard-working professionals in your office. Transparent mesh across the back allows air to circulate, keeping you cool no matter how high the pressure gets.

It tested good for 100 kg maximum weight capacity.

Colour: Black with certain silver-colored parts.

Assembly required: Do-it-yourself. (Toolkit & assembly instruction is provided in the package).

The chair comes in a semi-assembled state. You just need to fix it a little bit with the provided toolkit and manual for instructions—all the essential things supplied with the chair.

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Adjustable in nature
Sweat absorbing seats


On putting the heavyweight, sometimes the chair behaves a bit shaky.


We all are aware of the pandemic of COVID-19. Due to COVID-19, every firm is deciding to work from home. If you are the one, working at home, you are aware of the issues you regularly face while working.

It is not possible to work at home due to not getting the right office environment. No doubt, you just might have hi-jacked a room to work only. But that is also not possible to work correctly. If you want to work appropriately, you must have a proper setup to feel comfortable while working with no pain.

The ergonomic chairs are the good one for converting the room into a complete official environment. The ergonomic chairs will help make your day comfortable; it does not matter how long you sit.

Due to improper chair, it is not possible to sit on that for long. The ergonomic chairs make the work too much more relaxed and comfortable. You can sit for long hours on the chair without any problem. These chairs will affect your working for sure.

The above demonstrated ergonomic chairs are the top 10 chairs from all. If you need to buy the one option, you can choose anyone from the list mentioned above as suitable to your needs and requirements. Even the chairs mentioned above are useful to determine because of their affordable budgets too.

From the option above, a few are available within affordable prices, also with good quality. So for now, don’t let your back pain and other aches affect your work. Just buy the best suitable option, and make your job easier and comfortable.

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