Best Air Purifier Under 10000 in Indai 2021

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

We all know that pollution is increasing day by day in our cities. Moreover, it is now quite easy to catch breathing problems, especially when living in metropolitan or urban areas with high traffic.

Air contains plenty of contaminants other than general smoke and residue. It incorporates risky gases and other particulate issues which separated from influencing the open-air condition, likewise hampers the air quality inside.

That’s why it is essential to have a good air purifier at home. It is an excellent solution for reducing pollution at the place where we spend most of the time.

The demand for air purifiers has been boosted in recent times. If you are looking for the best air purifier under 10000, then in this content, we will discuss air purifiers of different brands. Before buying an air purifier, you need to remember a few aspects:

  • All air purifiers are designed to clean the air of different size rooms. It means you have to determine the size of the room then buy an air purifier.
  • The filters also play an essential part in purification as it cleans all the polluted aspect from the air. That’s why you have to buy the best air purifier whose filters are of high quality.
  • As technology has been changed, the purifier features are also changed. Try to buy the air purifier with two measures for identifying the room air: Air change per hour and another is Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
  • It must be used for Ionization and UV filtration for cleaning the air.
  • You have to check the noise level because at night if it makes the sound, you have to face some sleeping problems.

Through these aspects can select the best air purifier under 10000. Few of them are given below for helping you:

Top 10 Best Air Purifier Under 10000 in India 2021

1. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

The 1000 series of Philips is less expensive as compared to 2000 or 3000 series. This air purifier clams for being the best air purifier under 10000. It comes with several exciting features that make it more effective.

The HEPA filter provides high-quality purification against airborne particles. It has an auto purification mode that ensures the cleanliness of all the air pollutants and boosts the air circulation speed.

The night sensing mode indicates the system to make the sound less and provide a comfortable sleeping experience.


Long-lasting filters
Less noise
Power consumption is less


Filters are not easy to clean
Less wire length

2. Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp is the brand of Japan and sells lots of products in the Indian market. It is a trustworthy brand that provides the best quality product. All the features of the air purifier are excellent.

It is suitable for a small area and makes the environment clean. It cleans the air four times in an hour and can work a full day with any problem. The air purifier works on dual purification mode with plasma cluster technology.


Removes bad smell and odor within 15-20 minutes of operation
Thumbs up to PLasmacluster technology.
The purifier doesn’t make much noise
Right on top of the device, it makes 80 DB on top speed
Straightforward menu and options to operate
Beautifully designed and looks cool.


No numeric pm level display
No smartphone connectivity/control

3. Mi Air Purifier

Xiaomi is a household brand name in India. This brand manufactures smartphones and recently launches home air purifiers. The air purifier has a right HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.97% particle filtration.

It has a 3-layer filtration method and is easy to operate. It can be operated with your smartphone. Moreover, at night you can sleep comfortably due to its less noise option.


Superb build quality
Lightweight and compact
The filter can be replaced with exceptional ease
Filter availability on the Mi website
Noise level is almost nil


Difficult in cleaning the filter

4. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifiers come with a different design that is not related to others. It is the best air purifier under 10000 because of its excellent performance. The 3D technology ensures the circulation of air in all the corners of the room.

It is safe for kids due to its child lock and may not have sharp edges that can harm kids. We can get 99% of fresh air from the air purifier due to its high filtration power. It consumes low power, which means the filters can work for a long time.


High-quality performance
Efficient energy core
Safe design and excellent performance


Take lots of time in purification
Replacement of filters are expensive

5. AirTamer Negative Ion Generator Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier

It is the personal air purifier that prevents such pollutants from your breathing zone. Here, there is no need to replace any filters because it uses the latest air purification technology. The air purifier is the perfect and portable thing accessory to protect you during the flu season.


Rechargeable battery life is great.150hrs of the usage for one time charge
No noise from Airtamer.that is a noise-free device
No filter to replace like HEPA.maintenance cost zero


Cord/Lanyard is not replaceable

6. American Micronic-AMI-AP1-22Dx- Air purifier

American Micronic-AMI-AP1-22Dx- Air purifier is the best device due to its small size. It has a multi-stage filtration process that helps in getting rid of harmful elements in the air.

Moreover, it is designed according to the customer’s needs and wants. Most of the time, we need a small-sized air purifier, which can be easy to move, so it is the best option. It is convenient for a small room.


99.97% of filtered air comes out
Pre-filter is removable and washable
It is suitable for asthma patients.


Filter quality is not good

7. Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier

As we search for best air purification under 10000, Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier is a perfect choice. It is because the design of this purifier is of all the customers who need a small size.

It cleans the air correctly and makes a safe environment for breathing. Filters are of high quality and technology is the latest, so both aspects are the perfect combination.


4-stage for the filtration process
Microbe DeActive + Technology
Real-time PM 2.5 LED indicator
Four-speed option
Auto clean filter option


Filters are not long-lasting

8. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

It is a Korea brand, and now it is popular in India. The 3 stage filtration is very beneficial because all these steps perform different work. It helps you by sensing the level of indoor pollution and brings it down to the clean air. It is a unique design that looks beautiful in our room.


One-touch speed control
Air indicator
It works in silent
Customer care is good


Indicator lights may not work some time

9. Havells Freshia AP-20 40-Watt Air Purifier

Havells is also the best brand for electronic devices. The best air purifier under 10000 is Havells Freshia AP-20 40-Watt Air Purifier because it has some exciting features.

There is no need to worry about indoor air pollution as it provides a fresh and healthy environment. It has HEPA technology that cleans the air faster through the 5 stage process.


Safety control like manual timer setting, sleep mode, odor sensor, and automatic filter replacement indicator.
It is easy to use
Clean air delivery rate id 180m3/h


Wire is small

10. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

It is a new brand in India with providing an air purifier under 10000. It removes 99% of pollutants from the air and makes a breathable environment. The design is suitable for those who want good-looking products for their house.

It performs well with IAQ moderate. It can be operated with your phone and easy to change the filter with notification on its application.


360-degree glass HEPA with activated carbon
Air multiplier technology
Proper circulation of air throughout the room
Certified by Allergy and Asthma foundation


Sometimes it may not improve the quality of air


These are ten best air purifiers under 10000. through the above aspect, you will get the knowledge air purifier and which is suitable for you. Those people who are suffering from asthma need this product to make their homes free from pollution.

Air pollution is increasing at a higher rate, so try to clean the home environment. This air purifier is available on online sites, so one can decide between buying the best one.

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