Best Air Fryer in India 2021

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

One can never get bored of eating tasty and crunchy food. Also, as we know that after hearing this phrase “tasty food,” it always reminds us of some famous costly cafes or eateries. Today, we will change this concept from your mind by introducing the best fryer in India to make crunchy dishes like meat, pastries, and potato chips.

So, if you’re a food lover and thriving to cook the most delicious meals, this best air fryer in India might be the best choice for you. They’re handy to use and require a power source to make its functionalities work. One can easily put this Best air fryer in India in their car stag while going for any outdoor picnic or camping with their family.

Let’s move to the list of most eligible devices for the title as best air fryer in India without wasting any time.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer in India 2021

1. Inalsa Air Fryer

Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light

This fryer is the best air fryer in India because of its capacity of 4.2 liters and perfect look with a 4.2 Litre cooking pan capacity. Users can also select timing according to their needs. This product ensures its users’ safety by getting auto-off by itself when overheating occurs, or someone pulls away from the basket.

This best air fryer in India Product can be useful to prepare desserts, sausages, and other stuff for eating. Dishwasher system is available along with a two year warranty period by the company with a little expensive price of this best air fryer in India product.


Durable and Multi-functionality are available.
Secure device as it gets switched off by itself during overheating and basket removal.
2-Year warranty period open on this product


Quite a higher price than the other products on the list for the best air fryer in India.

2. Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer

Prestige PAF 4.0

Perfect elegant looking product in this tally for best air fryer in India. It has timer and temperature setting functionality available as per the user’s choice. Also, it has the most powerful market value because of its durability and quality material.

The company provides a warranty period of 1 year. While the overall price of this product is affordable and has a capacity of 2.2 liters in total, which might not be suitable to serve the larger family in a single go.


Affordable price and inviting look
Polished framing and durable product
High market value and comes with a 1-year warranty period.


Storage capacity is a little lesser than other candidates for the best air fryer in India.

3. SToK Digital Air Fryer

SToK Digital Air Fryer

This product is the best air fryer in India for everyone concerned about the product’s technical angle as it comes with a digital display that displays temperature, timing, etc. This stylish looking best air fryer in India comes with a red color, and all they require and appropriate functionalities for its user.

However, this product’s price is quite high, and it includes one Air fryer, one double layer grill, one Recipe Book, and one User Manual with the physical product. One can never be able to question its premium feel and durability.


Premium look and unique color
Multi-purpose usability and digital display
wide range of temperature control


No warranty period available.

4. Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer

Philips Daily Collection HD9218

This beauty comes with ninety percent less fat producing technology with a rapid air feature, making it different from the other products in the list for Best air fryer in India.

It comes with time setting and temperature control up to 200 degrees. One can use this product not only for fries. It can prove to be usable for making many different dishes as well.


Powerful heating system gives comparatively faster results than any other device for the best air fryer in India.
Multi-purpose use
Comes with a recipe book for user’s convenience.


Expensive product with no warranty period for the product.

5. American Micronic- AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Liters 1500 Watts Imported Air Fryer

American Micronic

This perfect-looking device comes with timer control of 30 minutes, and it has features like 50% Bigger space capacity with 38% faster, and 27% more efficiency.

However, it is a bit expensive and much better than the first-generation fryer. The company offers a two years warranty period on this product. It also comes with TurboTunnel fresh air technology. This company also provides a policy of a ten-day return policy.


Comes with a 2-year warranty period
Multi-functionality available in this best air fryer in India.
Larger capacity with much more efficiency than the other products for the best air fryer in India


Expensive than other products for the title of best air fryer in India.

6. Glen Rapid Fryer

Glen Rapid

It has a perfect shape, reflecting its image as a premium product amongst its competitors for the title of best air fryer in India. While it has a 2.8-liter capacity and produces 80 percent less fat than the other similar products.

It fries the food inside it by the vapor steam technology and gives away a perfect crunchy effect on your food dishes. This best air fryer in India also comes with a two year warranty period.


provides an ultra-crispy effect.
Amazing vapor steam technology
Comes with a two-year warranty period.


Less space capacity to store food and to process it.

7. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

Havells Prolife Digi

This advanced-tech unit comes with a digital layout that allows users to control and manipulate the temperature and duration. This company manages to provide its users with a premium look and with the latest technology.

It has a cord length of 80 cm and has a storage capacity of 4 liters. It also helps to reduce the oil by 85% with its high-tech technological features. While, on the other hand, it comes with a user manual and a recipe book for the user.


Perfect framing and durable.
2-years warranty period and ten days easy return policy.
Large processing capacity and digital control facility are available in this best air fryer in India.


High electricity consumption by this device can cost a large amount to a nearby user.

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft Super 12467 2.6-Litre Air Fryer

Pigeon by Stovekraft Super

This best air fryer in India device comes with a unique design and a concept by the company called “Pigeon.” It is capable of Frying, Roasting, Baking, and Grilling. This product by Pigeon comes with a 2-year warranty and ten days easy return policy. It has a capacity of 2.6 liters and consumes 1400W of power.

It is a high demand product for both professional and non-commercial use. One should have to wait in a queue to purchase this product due to its high popularity amongst foodies.


Unique design and high market value
Most popular amongst the other products for the title “Best air fryer in India.”
Decent electricity consumption and comes with a two-year warranty period.


Low processing capacity at this price range.

9. Kent 16033 1350-Watt Air Fryer

Kent 16033

This multi-functional product by Kent comes with eight different menu options and a digital control system. While it can cook up to 1.4 kg per batch with durable material and provides a perfect texture and ideal crispiness to your food. It has the functionality of the cooling down feature and also works fine with other security issues.


Professional design and most suitable for commercial use
1 year warranty period is available on the purchase.
Best air fryer in India because of its multi-functionality.


Lesser warranty period with a high price range.

10. Bright Flame 3.2 liters Air Fryer

Bright Flame

This fryer is the best air fryer in India because of its all-rounder features and even heating feature using five coils. While this company is also famous for its after-sales service as they have 200+ service centers across India.

Also, it comes with a 30-minute timer to tackle the problem of overheating. It also comes with a one-year warranty period by the company and also includes one deep fat fryer in the kit.


Perfect design and multi-functional operations are available.
Ensures the safety by its security features and auto timers and has 200+ service centers across India.
Deep fat fryer technology and one year warranty period.


Keeping in mind its price range, the free warranty period is lesser than other products in the list for the best air fryer in India.


We hope that this list of different devices for the best air fryer in India would help you decide to choose your best air fryer in India, which can help you get things done conveniently. However, you should check every different parameter before making payment for any of these products.

These different frying products could ease your work by simply performing a certain cooking operation after entering the heat amount’s instructions and duration. Choose your perfect product in India wisely and Happy shopping.

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